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Online Feedback

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Get Help On-line
Can't get to the WCenter? You can get feedback from a tutor on-line.

We think working face-to-face is the best way to get help. If you can't visit the Writing Center in person, then you can email your work to a tutor who will return it with feedback.

Please attach your work to an email that includes:

  • Your name
  • The assignment & due date
  • The professor
  • Where you are in the writing process (first draft, revision, etc.)
  • Your greatest concern
  • The paper, as a separate attachment

If you include all those things, we'll take a look at your paper and send you a reply as soon as we can. Please allow at least two days (longer on weekends).

Online Conference 

Are you confined to your room due to illness?

You can schedule an online Writing Center conference if you have a Gmail account.

Follow these four steps:

1. Schedule
      Call: (315) 268-4439

2. Setup Google Chat

3. Invite and Share

4. Meet Your Tutor