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One of my undergrads cannot write effectively. What can the Writing Center do?

Your student can visit the Writing Center, 139 Snell Hall, and work with a tutor. The writing tutor will help your student identify and solve the problems in his/her written project. Your students can get help with analyzing the assigned essay, lab or report, developing and organizing material, and with editing for style and correctness.


Can I require my student to work with a Writing Center tutor?

Yes. You can make Writing Center conferences a course requirement for individual students who would benefit from one-on-one help.

Please contact Courtney Johnson-Woods (at 315-268-4439 or She will assign a tutor to work with the student. During the semester, you will receive a summary of the student's conference(s), allowing you to track the student's progress.


Can the Writing Center help my graduate student who is writing a thesis?

Certainly. Let Courtney Johnson-Woods (x4439)/ know about your student's needs and ask the student to schedule an appointment with her. Courtney will then arrange for the student to work with a writing tutor.


How can I help students to produce better written projects?

Well-designed writing tasks and frequent practice can lead to better products.

  • Design your assignments for your student audience. Include your learning goals for the project, your standards for the project's organization, level of evidence or development, style, and the citation format for your discipline.
  • Provide examples of effective writing in your discipline. Because students lack experience in the discipline, models can clarify your discipline's standards.
  • Give students your feedback on their early drafts, so they understand your expectations. Grade only the final draft.
  • Require brief progress reports from students to get them started early on projects. The report will give them practice with the memo format at the same time.
  • Encourage students to visit the Writing Center and work with a writing tutor.


My students don't know when or how to cite their sources. How can the Writing Center help?

Your students can visit the Writing Center and work with a tutor. Students will also find helpful information on citing sources at


Will Writing Center tutors help my students with their PowerPoint presentations?

Yes. Suggest that they visit the Writing Center, 139 Snell Hall, for help.


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