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Benefits of On-campus Greek Housing

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Theme housing ground breaking during alumni reunion 2012Designated study spaces  help foster the values of our student organizations. They bring students together to create a synergy of academic achievement. Studies have shown time and again that students that are involved get better grades and specifically Greek organizations have higher graduation rates. The theme housing also frees up space in existing study locations on-campus for group work and tutoring.

Having a group of young men and women who have already come together under a common set of ideals lends itself to the creation of living-learning communities that center around the core values of the organization. It's also an opportunity to work with an advisor and to engage faculty in a meaningful way with the students through their organizations. In addition, they are spaces where students learn to live together in community, caring about those that are around them and for more then just themselves.

Having a centralized location for social activities allows for much more oversight. When the events are held on campus, it is easier to create a culture in adherence with the organizational and University policies. On-campus housing options are also well-maintained.

Housing specifically set aside for Greek organizations can relieve stress from the on-campus housing system. Having housing set aside for this population can free up space for more students in the traditional living spaces on campus.

Theme housing constructionA central Greek village style space can alleviate stresses at popular places on campus for organizations to meet and program. Greek organizations can be very demanding of existing meeting and program spaces on campus. Designated locations set aside for the community can free up current locations for the use of other student organizations and departments.

Having individual origination spaces allows for a centralized gathering place for alumni. The shared experience of living together can build stronger connections to the institution and give alumni a place to go back to on a more frequent basis. Involved alumni can be an advantage to both the individual organizations as well as the University. When Greek organizations have a “house” in which to gather, there is a perception of stronger connections within the organization.