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The culture of the Clarkson School Program is characterized by a strong sense of community in which every student plays a critical role. The Clarkson School Ambassador program was developed to introduce you to some of our alumni and current students. Our Ambassadors are happy to share their perspectives regarding admission, classes, faculty, and life as a Clarkson School student.

Below is a brief biography, including the educational background of our current Class of 2015 Ambassadors and a few mentors who have successfully completed the Clarkson School program last year and now help guide the current class.


Dallas Blowers

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Computer Science and Physics 

Career Goals: Ultimately to work either with NASA and the space program or for a company such as IBM

Why I chose TCS: As with many people that join TCS I had exhausted most of the course options that my high school offered. I saw TCS as a great opportunity to surround myself with like-minded people, grow personally and professionally all while getting a start on college a year early.

Campus Involvement: COSI(Clarkson Open Source Institute), Laser Tag, Martial Arts Club


McKay Burley

Hometown: Massena, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Environmental Engineer

Career Goals: I want to work with solar panels and sustainable energy systems.

Why I chose TCS: I chose TCS because I felt I was ready to move on to bigger and better things that my high school couldn’t provide.

Campus Involvement: FIRST Robotics, Eco Club, Ski Club, Sustainable Synergy


Michaela Cahill

Hometown: South Glens Falls, NY

Pursuing a major in: Chemistry and Biomolecular Science

Career Goals: I aspire to become a Surgical Oncologist with a specialty in Pediatrics

Why I chose TCS: It's an amazing opportunity to get a head start on my education at a great university!

Campus Involvement: Doctors without Borders, CuEMS & Racquetball Club


Samantha Crosby TCS '14

Hometown: Peru, NY.

Major: Biomolecular Science/Biology, Pre-Med Concentration

Career Goals: I plan on pursuing my Ph.D. and going into BioMedical Research, specializing in Oncology

Why I chose TCS: I was in all of the accelerated and honors courses in High School but they just weren’t satisfying my curiosity.  During my campus visit, I was able to meet with Professors in the fields I was interested in, tour labs, talk with TCS students, and meet with admissions representatives.  I left high school knowing that this was an opportunity not to be missed.  The access – to people, to knowledge, to resources and facilities – that Clarkson provides is second to none. 

Campus Involvement: Logistics Chairperson for Colleges Against Cancer, Clarkson’s Adopt-A-Highway Program, Doctors Without Borders


C.J. Raymond 

Hometown: Afton, NY

Pursuing a Major in: Psychology

Career Goals: Be a Rehabilitation counselor for teens struggling with addiction and eating disorders

Why I chose TCS: I come from a small town that doesn’t have the resources to offer advanced classes so I felt unchallenged and had taken the hardest classes offered. 

Campus Involvement: Ski Club and Golden Knotes


Harley Heath

Hometown: Milton, VT

Pursuing a Major in: Civil Engineering

Career Goals: To be able to ease the life of society due to improving transportation and infrastructure. I want to be able to incorporate as much renewable energy sources as possible in each and every one of my projects

Why I chose TCS: My high school back home was not supplying me with sufficient challenges, so I decided to reach out and challenge myself as much as I could.

Campus Involvement: I play women’s rugby and am part of the math club.


David Josephs TCS '14

Hometown: Potsdam, NY

Pursuing a Major In: Electrical Engineering

Career Goals: Although I am not sure what I want to do, I know that I want to be working in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a combination of the three.

Why I chose TCS: My reason for coming to The Clarkson School was that it was a family tradition. That slowly evolved to Clarkson is a great university that fits my interests. 

Campus Involvement: Greenhouse/Digester Club


Andria Merrill

 Hometown: Potsdam, NY

 Pursuing a Major in:  Pre-PT student majoring in Biology

 Career Goals: Physical Therapist

Why I chose TCS: I decided I wanted to go to Clarkson at a young age and when I found out there was a way for me to come here a year early I pictured it as a win-win. I am very glad I made this decision.

Campus Involvement: Clarkson University Pep band, CU PT Club, CU Women's Rugby Club, CU Belly Dance Club, TCS Tour Guide.


Grayden Shand

Hometown: Jericho, Vermont

Pursuing a Major in: Doubling in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

and Liberal Studies – focusing on philosophy

Career Goals: Eventually I’d like to start my own business, and achieve a PhD in Philosophy.

Why I chose TCS:  I decided to come to TCS because in my junior

year I already knew what I was passionate about, and I felt that another year of high school wouldn’t prepare me much more for college and my future career; basically, I knew I was ready to move on. Also I had a majority of older friends so my senior year would have been extremely boring.

Campus Involvement: Ski and Snowboard Club