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Winter Events

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Ski Club
As one of the most popular clubs on campus, Ski Club boasts over 300 members.  With steep seasons pass discounts, weekly trips, and two overnight stays to Jay Peak and Mount Snow, who wouldn’t want to be involved?

Ice Carnival
The wildly popular Ice Carnival of our olden days has made a valiant return in the past few years.  Check out the snow sculptures and participate in any one of the events and competitions organized by our Greek fraternities and sororities during the month of February.

"Sustainable Year-Round Food Production in Cold Climates"
That’s the title of some award winning research done by Clarkson students!  Rather than hiding indoors, our engineers and scientists attack cold weather head on. So far, they have completed the design, feasibility, analysis, and impact assessment of a pilot control environment high-rise farm.  For their work and success the team received a $75,000 grant from the EPA to continue their studies.

Electric Snowmobile & Clean Air Snowmobile SPEED Teams
The snowmobile SPEED teams at Clarkson exhaust (pun intended) their skills and knowledge every year to modify stock snowmobiles to compete in a variety of eco-friendly challenges against other universities at a SAE week long event.  Last year’s Electric Snowmobile team came in second place in the zero emissions category, earning them a trip to Greenland to work with the NSF!

Open Skate
When is the last time you laced up a pair of skates?  Hit up Cheel for open skate Monday-Thursday from 1-2pm and Sundays from 5-6pm.  Skating is free and rentals are only $1 for students!

Intramural Hockey and Broomball
We don’t all have the chops required for Division I hockey, but any student can compete on our intramural hockey or broomball teams.  Grab your friends and pull together a team! The leagues are huge, the competition is fierce, and the fun is endless.