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Clarkson ROTC Incentive Grant
All ROTC Scholarships winners are eligible to receive the Clarkson ROTC Incentive Grant.  This Grant is used towards Housing and Meals charges on the student’s account.  The amount changes every year, based on Housing and Meals costs.  All students eligible for this Grant are given the same amount, so depending on where you live on campus and your Housing charge, your Housing may not be fully covered.  In order for the Grant to be disbursed into the student’s account, a contract will need to be signed by the student.  This contract will be sent to the student and, when completed, must be returned to SAS.

Air Force Scholarships
Type I         Full Tuition and Fees
Type II       $18,000
Type III      $  9,000
Type VI      $  3,000
Type VIII    80% of Tuition and Fees

Clarkson Air Force information
Official Air Force website

Army Scholarships
All winners receive a scholarship of full tuition and fees.
Clarkson Army information
Official Army website

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