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Residence Halls

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Residence Halls
Clarkson is more than just a place to go to school. Apart from the excellent formal classroom education, you will begin to make new friends and embark upon a new lifestyle spending a considerable amount of time getting involved in various activities. Clarkson University housing accommodates students with community building programs and well-equipped facilities. Each of the residence halls are outlined below.

Clarkson offers everything from on-campus dining, postal service and vending machines to cable and network access to every student in any residence hall.

Every student forgets something the first time they go to college. To help work towards forgetting nothing, use the hand checklist to remember the most often forgotten items.

Housing Contract
As part of any agreement to live in an apartment or room, there is always the contract. The Clarkson Housing Contract is provided for download to view or submit to the Residence Life Office prior to showing up on campus.

Housing Regulations
In addition to signing a contract, Clarkson also has general rules and regulations that are set forth and designed to be exhibited by the entire student body to create a peaceful and fun educational environment.

Housing Rates
Clarkson University provides a variety of accommodations from a single or double room to an apartment. Each accommodation is priced differently, and, therefore, is an important factor towards a housing decision.

Many times the Clarkson Residence Life Office receives phone calls for answers to the same questions. This list of frequently asked questions should help you with a number of concerns. If you still have questions about campus housing, please do not hesitate to contact the Residence Life Office.