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Reynolds Observatory

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Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory is located on the grounds of the Potsdam Airport.  The observatory is home to a 12” f-10 Meade telescope, which is currently mounted on the Jan Wojcik Orion ATLAS mount.   We host public observing on clear nights.  Please subscribe to our calendar on the right to stay informed of public observing and cancellations. 

News And Announcements 

Observatory Status: Closed but opening again soon!  We have been working to have scientific research capability and will resume some ammount of public outreach, please check back.

The Skies Of Spring

The days are now getting longer as we pass the vernal (spring) equinox and head toward the summer solstice.  Near sunset you can see the planet Venus shining brightly.  Around the same time the bright star Sirius will be nearly due south.  A little higher in the sky, and to the east, is the planet Jupiter, which is very easily spotted in the constellation of Cancer.  With a pair of binoculars one can make out tiny points of light on either side of Jupiter that change from night to night.  These 4 bright companions are the 4 largest moons of Jupiter, named after Galileo, who first observed them with his telescope, about 400 years ago!

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