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Summer 2013 will begin June 30.

Welcome to Clarkson's Web-based summer math refresher!

General information
This program gives you an opportunity to strengthen your skills in algebra, trig and geometry before taking Calculus at Clarkson. There is a web-based text, with readings, exercises and a quiz each week for seven weeks beginning Sunday, June 30.

Frequent Question

  • Is the CU Math course free?  The course is free.  However, you will have to purchase a WebAssign account in order to access the course materials.  You need to purchase WebAssign with your textbooks when you come to Clarkson anyway. 
  • Do I have to register for this program?  You do not need to register for this program.  On the main page for WebAssign, where you log in, you wll notice that in the login box there is an option labeled "I have a class key".  Click on that link and use the class key "Clarkson 5599 4127".
  • WebAssign Special Pricing Available.
    • WebAssign Access is required for the CU Math course.  It is also required for ALL of your Calculus (MA131,132,231) courses.  To support this CU Math course, we have negotiated SPECIAL PRICING through the publisher of the textbook for the fall.
    • This special price is a limited time offer, specificially directed at the Clarkson students in CU Math.
    • For the Calculus (MA131,132,231) courses, we REQUIRE WebAssign.  The book for the course can be accessed via WebAssign, but only while connected to the internet.  We ENCOURAGE students to get a copy of the book (Stewart, Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 2nd Ed).  Most students prefer the hardcopy, but E-book is also avaiable.
    • The special price of WebAssign only is $95.00.
    • The E-Book + WebAssign is $127.95.
    • New Hardcopy Book + WebAssign is $187.69 (The Bundle).
    • This price for the Bundle is probably less expensive than buying a Used Book and WebAssign separately.
    • The textbook and WebAssign are good for ALL of your Calculus (MA131,132,231) courses at Clarkson, and we encourage you to take advantage of this special pricing.
    • These special purchase prices are available through the following link:
  • I am going to be on vacation for a week during the program, what do I do?  When you get back, you should submit the current week's quiz. You will also be able to go back and do the work for the week you missed. 

You can ask questions about the material by e-mail at

How it works
New this year, Clarkson is offering a version of CUmath that will be rolled out on 30 June. The format will consist of a pre-test accompanied by a video followed by a Unit test. For instance; for Week 1 the topic is factoring. You will begin by doing the pre-test1 assignment at It consists of a video on the basics of factoring followed by questions for you to answer. Next, you will self-access your results from the pre-test and continue the week, by either asking questions through the Webassign portal or via email (  We will then respond to your inquires, either by announcement through the Webassign portal or by direct email, whichever is appropriate. If you feel additional practice on the topic is warranted, you can go to the CUmath Assignments page.

One unit of the text will be covered each week. There are four sections in each unit, one for each day Monday through Thursday. You will read the text and work the exercises in the first section of each unit on the Monday of that week, the second section on Tuesday, and so forth. On Friday there will be a Unit test posted in Webassign,  which you will work and then submit.