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Vladimir Smorodin

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 Vladimir Y. Smorodin, Ph. D.

    Research Professor
    Institute for a Sustainable Environment
    106 Rowley Lab

    Clarkson University
    Box# 5705
    Potsdam, NY 13699-5705
    Skype ID: Vladimir.Smorodin
    T: (207) 907-6797
    CV: PDF 


    M.S., Major - General Physics, Minor - Spectroscopy

                      Physics Dept. of Kiev State University
                      Inst. for Nuclear Research
                      Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

   Ph.D.,  (1989) in Colloids Chemistry/ Physics-Math, Major - Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Minor - Aerosol Technology for Weather Modification Moscow State University & Institute of Physical Chemistry of Russia Academy of Sciences


Research & Teaching Interests:
Radiation Physics of Solids - (photo-electro-conductivity of heterogeneous semiconductors irradiated with heavy particles)

Theoretical Physics and Nano-Science - (fundamentals of equilibrium and non-equilibrium nano-thermodynamics, physical statistic, nano-kinetics and electro-kinetics)

Theoretical Physical Chemistry - (surface heterogeneity effects on interfacial phenomena in disperse systems, including nucleation, condensation, coagulation, adsorption, phase transitions, multiphase flows, flotation, membrane separation)

Biophysics, Cell Biology, Bio-Medicine and Biotechnology - (hydrophobic interactions, bio-membranes, membrane rafts and receptors, cell signal transduction, cell fusion, adhesion and biogenergetics, nano-toxicology, ice-nucleating bacteria)

Aerosol Science/Technology and Environmental/Management - (weather modification, (bio-) aerosol particles and health, electro-spray technology for air-cleaning systems, environmental sensors and remote monitoring technique, etc.)

Climatology, Planetary Ecosphere, Sustainable Development and Globalization

Selected Publications:

Radiation and Physics of Semiconductors
    Smorodin, V.Y. Abnormal Diffusion, Super-Memory and Relaxation of Stimulated Electro-Photo-Conductivity in Compensated Hetero-Semiconductors. In: Book of Abstracts of 1st Intl. Conference on Reaction Kinetics in Condensed Matter. Moscow, Russia. 22-26 September, 2010. PP.22-24.

    Jolkevich, G.A., Golushka A.I, Dolgolenko A.P., Marchenko V., and Smorodin, V.Y. Changing of Conductivity of the n-Si Mono-crystals with the Radiation Clusters of Defects. In: Radiation Defects in Semiconductors. Belorussian Academy of Sciences. Minsk, 1972, 37-40.

    Smorodin, V.Y., Yaskovets, I.I., and Vinetsky, V.L. Electro- and Photoconductivity of Semiconductors Compensated with Clusters of Defects In: Simulated Photoconductivity and Photo-Memory in Heterogeneous Semiconductors. Abstracts of the USSR Conference, Kiev, 1974, 14-15.

Fundamentals of Colloid Interface Science & Technology

    Smorodin, V.Y. Interfacial Phenomena and "Structure" of Thin Wetting Films through a Prism of Topologic Concept In: Abstracts of the Symposium of the Intl. Association of Colloid Interface Scientists (IACIS). New York, Ny, USA, 2009.

    Smorodin, V.Y. Percolation Concept of Zeta Potential and Electroosmosis. In: Abstracts of the Intl. Colloidal Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2008.

    Smorodin, V.Y. Interfacial Phenomena in Heterophilic Disperse Systems. In: Abstracts of the Intl. Colloidal Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2008.

Fundamentals of Aerosols and Heterogeneous Water Phase Transitions in the Atmosphere

    Ryazanov V.V. and Smorodin, V.Y. Non-Equilibrium Aerosol Charge Distribution in the Biopolar Ion Atmosphere. In: Abstracts of the Intl. Colloidal Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2008.

Theory of Nano-Aerosols Formation and Dynamics
    Smorodin, V.Y. Refined Classical Viewpoint on Coagulation of Charged Nanoparticles. In: Abstract Book of the European Aerosol Conference, Karlsrube, FRG, 2009.

    Smorodin, V.Y. and Fukuta, N. Condensation and Boundry Sphere Method. In: Proc. of the Intl. Conference on Cloud Physics, Cancun, Mexico, 2008.

    Smorodin, V.Y. Coagulation of Charged Nanoparticles: Refined Classical Approach and Its Limits. In: Proc. of the AIChE Symposium, Philadelphia PA, USA, 2008.

    Smorodin V.Y. Critical Analysis of Fuchs' "Boundary Sphere" Method. In: Proc. of the 17th Intl. Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (ICNAA), Dublin, Ireland, 2007.

    Smorodin V. Y., and P.H. Hopke. Relationship of Heterogeneous Nucleation and Condensational Growth on Aerosol Nanoparticles. Atmospheric Research, 82, 591-604, 2006.

    Smorodin V. Y., and P. H. Hopke. Condensation Activation and Nucleation on Heterogeneous Aerosol Nanoparticles. J. Phys. Chemistry B, 2004, V. 108, No 26, 9147-9157.

Bio-Aerosols and Health

    Smorodin V. Y., Bio-aerosols: Non-equilibrium Water Phase Transitions on Ice Nucleating Bacteria and their Bioenergetics. In: Abstracts of the 14th Annual Meeting of American Association for Aerosol Research "AAAR '95". 1995, 287.

Biophysics, Cell Biology, Nanotoxicity and Nano-Bio-Technology

     Mukherjee, S., Dhurjati, P., Smorodin, V.Y., and Nohe, A. Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Use in an Animal Model. In: Abstract Book of Delaware Undergraduate Symposium, Newark, DE, USA, 2009.

     Bragdon, B.C., St.-Jeanos, A., Horton, L.G., Bonor, J., Smorodin, V.Y., Beamer, W. G., Rosen, C.J., and Nohe, A. New Insights into Signaling Pathways that Effect Membrane Topography. In: Abstract Book of Chemical Biophysics Symposium, Toronto, CANADA, 2008.

     Bragdon, B.C., Horton, L.G., St.-Jeanos, A., Smorodin, V.Y., Beamer, W.G., Rosen, C.J., and Nohe, A. Alterations of Membrane Domain Dynamics in Bone Stem Cells of Mice with Allelic Gene Differences. In: Abstract Book of Biophysical Society 52nd Annual Meeting and 16th International Biophysics Congress, Long Beach, CA, USA, 2008.

     St.-Jeanos, A., Bragdon, B.C., Horton, L. G., Smorodin, V.Y., Rosen, C.J. , Beamer, W.G., and Nohe, A. Effect of Receptor Dynamics on the Cell Surface of Bone Stem Cells on Cell Differentiation Studied in Genetic Mouse Models Displaying Alterations in Peak Bone Density. In: Abstract Book of Biophysical Society 52nd Annual Meeting and 16th International Biophysics Congress, Long Beach, CA, USA, 2008.

     Nohe,A. and Smorodin, V.Y. New Methods of Nanoparticles Delivery into Cells. In: Abstracts of the Intl. Colloidal Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2008.

     Smorodin, V.Y., and Petersen, N.O. Experimental Studying Statistical Distributions of LC-Domains and Wetting Parameters of Heterogeneous Langmuir-Blodgett Films (from Alveolar Surfactants) In: Abstracts of Chemical Biophysics, Toronto, Canada, 2007.

     Bragdon, B.C., Johnson, A., Cook, J., Young, K., Nadeau, J., Smorodin, V.Y., Vary, C., Mayer, G., and Nohe, A. In Vivo Model for Nanoparticle Toxicity. In: Abstract Book of 50th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2006.

     Smorodin, V. Y. and Nohe, A. Conceptual Approach in Theory of Lipid Bilayer Domains. In: Abstract Book of 50th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, Salt Lake City, UT, 2006.

     Smorodin, V.Y., and A. Nohe. Study of Domain Dynamics in Lipid Bilayers and Cell Membranes. In: The Chemical Biophysics Symposium 2005 Abstract Book.P.49. Toronto, Canada, 2005.

     Smorodin, V.Y. Concerning Membrane Domain Dynamics in the Context of Cell Signaling. In: The Advancing Genome IV Conference. Inst. of Molecular Biology, Portland, ME, USA, 2004.

     Smorodin, V.Y., Evolution of Gel-Domains in Phospholipid Bilayers. In: Abstracts of the American Biophysical Society Symposium. San Francisco, USA, 2002.

Aerosols and Environmental/ Weather Management

     Smorodin, V.Y., A. Sarofim, and JoAnn Lighty. Towards Theory of Electro-Brownian Coagulation of Combustion Soot Nanoparticles. In: Abstract Book of the 9th Intl. Congress on Combustion By-Products and their Health Effects. Tucson, Arizona, USA. 12-15 June, 2005.

     Smorodin, V.Y., W. Balachandran, and R. Hudson. Study of Indoor Aerosol Removal with Electro-Spray. In: “Electrostatics 1999”. Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser. No 163. Proc. Of the Intl. Conf. “Electrostatics ‘99”, Cambridge, UK, 28-31 March 1999. Inst. Physics Publishing. Bristol and Philadelphia. 421-425.

     Smorodin, V.Y. On Thermo-hydrodynamic Instabilities in Aerosol Hazes (Fogs). Atmos. Environment, 1997, 31 (8), 1239-1247.

Climatology, Globalization and Sustainable Development of Earth's Ecosphere

     Smorodin, V.Y. To Sustainable Development of Earth’s Ecosphere. In: “Corporate Governance nd Sustainability Challenges. Editor: J.S. Ahluwaiia, Institute of Directors, Building Tomorrow’s Board. London, UK. PP. 259-264.

     Syvorotkin, V.L. and Smorodin, V.Y. Towards a Sustainable Development of Ecosphere. In: Climate Change & Commonsense. Ed. M. Mehra. World Environment Foundation. Delhi, India, 2010. PP. 199-204.

     Smorodin, V.Y. and Syvorotkin, V.L. Global Climate Change, Aerosols, and Earth’s Ecosphere. In: Proc. of the IV Intl. Conference on Frontiers of Nonlinear Physics. July 13-20, 2010. Nizhny Novgorod – St.-Petersburg, Russia, PP. 245-246.

     Syvorotkin, V.L. and Smorodin, V.Y. Earth’s Ozonosphere, Weather “Anomalies” and Global Warming. In: Abstracts of the Borns Symposium on Climate Change. Climate Change Institute, Orono ME, USA, 2009.

     Syvorotkin, V.L. and Smorodin, V.Y. Earth’s “Hydrogen” Degassing, Ozonosphere, Global Warming, and Natural Hazards. Ibid. 2009.

     Smorodin, V.Y. Atmosphere in the Earth Environment-Climate System in Global Climate Change: From Problems towards Conceptual Solutions. In: Abstracts of the Agassiz Annual Symposium on Climate Change. Climate Change Institute, Orono ME, USA, 2007.

     Smorodin, V.Y. Concept of Ecosphere and Water Resources Management. In: Abstracts of 3rd Intl. Conference on Environment, Athens, Greece, 2007.