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Highest Rate of Internships in the Nation

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Clarkson’s commitment to real-world education translates into graduates prepared for real-world challenges.

It also means a commitment to providing professional experiences for our students — through coops, internships, design & build teams and faculty-mentored research. That means students can apply classroom learning to hands-on challenges, test drive careers and companies, and develop professional networks — all before they leave campus.

It is also why Clarkson is ranked #1 in the nation for internship experience by U.S. News and World Report 2013. 

Eighty-six percent of Clarkson students complete internships and co-ops before graduating. That’s more than double the internship rate of other national universities (30 percent).

These professional experiences are a step on the pathway to launching a successful career, making Clarkson’s number-1 ranking more than a statistic. It is an achievement that has helped the University post another impressive number: a 95 percent placement rate.

Clarkson’s Career Center stays on top of developing career trends and emerging fields, and works with each student to find the professional experience that fits best.

But it is our students who deserve the credit for making Clarkson the national leader in professional experiences.  Their outstanding on-the-job performance has built Clarkson's reputation with industry leaders and employers. Meet some of these students:

ellen heenan  

Ellen Heenan ’13
Engineering Management

Ellen had two internships, the latest with O’Brien & Gere, the engineering and project delivery firm based in Syracuse. It was a busy time, she says, working on new pressure-relief valves and helping project managers. Ellen says she liked the experience. O’Brien and Gere certainly liked her. She’s been hired on, effective right after she graduates from Clarkson in the spring.

george calvey   George Calvey ’13
Mechanical Engineering and Physics

George had three internships, all with General Electric. Most recently, he worked with CT detectors—the sensors that help create x-ray imagery used by medical staff to help diagnose and treat patients. He says he worked on a prototype detector and helped integrate data from a few design teams and even smoothed out a few kinks in the production process.
jasmine alvarez  

Jasmine Alvarez ’13

Jasmine is a writer with an eye for fashion and a head for business. She’s had three internships—all in New York City, and all with well-known companies: Lancome, Fashion Closet at Allure magazine and Bb (Bumble and Bumble, the house of fashion devoted to hair style). She says each internship has been invaluable as she gets ready to immerse herself in the City’s Garment District after graduation and as she builds her increasingly popular fashion blog,

jeremy marshall  

Jeremy Marshall ’13
Aeronautical Engineering

So far, Jeremy’s had three research experiences: at Clarkson, Penn State, RIT. Most recently, he worked on developing a new way to make batteries that will extend the amount of time they store and provide energy. He says the experience he’s gained—and the connections he’s made—have set him up for graduate school where he’ll work toward his master’s and doctorate in mechanical engineering, with a focus on aeronautics. After that, even the sky won’t be a limit.

corinne higgins  

Corinne Higgins ’13
Electrical Engineering

Corinne saw a posting on KnightLink for an internship at Qualcomm, the California-based, wireless tech company. She worked with the CU Career Center to apply. A short time later, the company’s Human Resources department called to tell her they’d be flying her out to San Diego and providing her housing during the internship. She drafted reliability studies that tested new cell-phone technology. Qualcomm called back recently with even bigger news: after graduation, Corinne flies to San Diego to start her new job and a new life on the West Coast.