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Graphic Identity Manual

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Clarkson Words, Logos and Marks on Items for Resale:

To make it simple to obtain permission to use Clarkson University institutional and athletics logos, symbols and wordmarks on items for resale, and to manage their proper use, Clarkson has established a relationship with Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA). We invite interested parties to visit the SMA Web site where you can download a license application. If you have additional questions please contact John Mybeck, Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc.; Pan American Plaza; 201 South Capitol Avenue; Suite 520; Indianapolis, IN 46225, or call 317-829-5690 (fax 317-829-5696) or e-mail

*All Clarkson University and Clarkson Athletics logos, marks and workmarks are the property of Clarkson University and cannot be used on items for sale without the express permission of the University or its agents.