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Platinum Knight Certification

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To be awarded Platinum Knight Certification, your office must be in accordance with all Green Knight Certification Guidelines and all Gold Knight Certification Guidelines (if applicable) and you must be able to describe how your department goes above and beyond these measures to be sustainable.  While Platinum status is awarded by committee vote only, anyone with Gold status who feels their area goes 'above and beyond' is encouraged to apply - we want to know what you are doing to further this effort!

The first office to be awarded Platinum Knight Certification is: 

Marketing & External Relations
The Marketing & External Relations department has been awarded Platinum Knight certification for demonstrating exceptional sustainability in these areas: 
  • Use of recycled paper and soy inks in printed materials
  • Development of digital publications and maintenance of web site for paperless communication about CU
  • Utilizing waste materials from office for use in recycled art

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