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February 2012

In this Issue:

Clarkson's Greenhouse/Digester Project Receives National and International Accolades

New Sustainability Classes and Academia Initiatives

Student Sustainability Fund Project Underway

Clarkson Dining Services Offers New Line of Local Food Products

Clarkson Students Care about Protecting the Environment  

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Newsletter to report about Campus Sustainability

Clarkson’s Greenhouse/Digester Project Receives National and International Accolades
The student designed, built and operated greenhouse and the anaerobic digester for campus food waste has brought national and international recognition to Clarkson University. A video of the project is posted on the Planet Forward web site and has garnered comments from far corners of the country.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a comment or vote for this project’s viability.  Details of this project also available at

Clarkson graduate students Daegan Gonyer and Shaun Jones recently travelled to Mokpo, South Korea to present the greenhouse/digester project at the 2012 International Capstone Design Contest on Renewable Energy Technology.  They received a Platinum Award for this project, the highest prize for an international team. Read more

New Sustainability Classes and Academic Initiatives
A number of our classes from many different departments are now defined as “sustainability focused courses.” As registration for Fall 2012 classes approaches, check out the list of classes that include aspects of sustainability.

F12 sustainability focused classes include:

ANTH 381   Consumption and Culture

CE 212       Introduction to Engineering Design

CE 482       Environmental Systems Analysis Design

ES 238       Introduction to Energy Systems

EV 200       Sustainability & the Environment (# will change to EV305)

POL 372     Biofuel & Farm Policy

Student Sustainability Fund Projects Underway
Student groups are working hard on their Clarkson Sustainability Fund projects:

  •  Golden Grown is now in operation with deliveries of fresh and local produce and goods from area farmers to your
     office, apartment or dorm.  They offer a sense of connection to our local community.  Golden Grown was initiated in a freshman business class under the direction of Prof. Marc Compeau and also received start-up funds from the CUSB. 
  • Recycle Molly (picture) and friends were created as part of a project lead by ESE graduate student Emily Ball.  Her project is aiming to improve recycling on campus. In addition to these eye-catching displays, her team of volunteers delivered new recycling bins to all apartments on campus.
  • The anaerobic digester team advised by Prof. Stefan Grimberg and student leader Ashley Waldron is getting ready to feed food waste to the digester and make biogas shortly after Spring Break.  Aramark employees in some of the kitchens are gearing up by separating food waste from other trash.  Look for opportunities for you to also help feed the digester with food separation bins in Ro-Bro and the student center
    coming soon.
Clarkson Dining Services Offers New Line of Local Food Products
Adirondack Kitchen is the newest line of “Grab-n-Go” products offered by Clarkson Dining. Inspired by the North Country and infused with culinary creativity by Executive Chef Kyle Mayette, the cuisine includes a variety of wholesome and minimally processed sandwiches, salads & desserts. The brand showcases seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and growers and is dedicated to providing natural flavor without any preservatives or artificial additives. Guaranteed to satisfy your palate, Adirondack Kitchen products are the wholesome, delicious and sustainable dining option available at campus retail locations and through catering services. For more information on ARAMARK’s commitment to sustainability, please visit

Clarkson Students Care about Protecting the Environment
Clarkson’s current freshmen completed the CIRP Freshman Survey in 2011.  Results show that Clarkson students are more concerned with protecting the environment than typical freshmen at comparable private universities. 55% of our respondents think that adopting “green” practices to protect the environment is essential or very important.  In contrast, only 38% of freshman at comparison schools responded at the same level.  At Clarkson, a higher percentage of female students responded positively about green practices (65% (Wow!) than males (51%); this gender difference is typical of college students.



Learn more about Clarkson’s sustainability Efforts