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2018 Design Challenge

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Design Challenge for the Class of 2018

Get to know your fellow classmates of the Class of 2018 by engaging in a design challenge and helping our university launch new ideas into the marketplace.   This summer, you will have the opportunity to work in the Clarkson on-line community to get inspired; work with others with diverse interests and backgrounds to identify and begin the design process of a new product, service or process that has great potential to transform our daily lives.  

We’ll help you define a “design project”, assemble a team and solve the design challenge in a fun, interactive, virtual way.  Once you arrive on campus, we’ll help you take the ideas you create and incubate them as we launch our incubator.   With CU resources such as the incubator, the Reh and Shipley Centers, and your faculty you’ll have the opportunity to work with students from different majors and get mentored by Clarkson staff and Clarkson Alumni  to take your idea to the next level.   Continue to be inspired by participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week with your team November 17-21 and consider entering a  Business Plan Competition with your friends from Engineering, Business, the Humanities and Sciences.

Prizes will be awarded at each phase of the process with a grand prize to be announced!


June 23 – July 6: What Can We Change?
What drives you crazy? Is there something that should be done a better way?  Take pictures and caption then with why this product/process/system needs some updating.  Don’t post your solutions – yet!

July 7 – July 20: How Can We Change It?
Post your comments and ideas about how to change this product/process/system.  Start thinking about how you might address the issue. 

July 21 – August 3: Who will Change It?
Form teams around these ideas, team size must be 3-5 students and must include students from at least 2 majors.

August 4 – Move In Day: Will It Work?
Work with your team to develop a well thought out solution, research, ask your friends/family/neighbors about the problem and about your solution.