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Curriculum (E&M)

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Core Program
A broadly conceived major, the E&M curriculum is an interdisciplinary education built on Clarkson's strengths in engineering and business. The program presents a balance of course work in the major disciplines of engineering, math and sciences, management, marketing, humanities, and social sciences.

As an E&M student, you will complete the foundation courses that all engineers take, along with the entire foundation of the business curriculum. Specialized tracksminors and a concentration also exist, which allow you to focus within a specific area. When you have completed these curriculum requirements, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Engineering & Management — a degree that is cutting edge and growing in popularity with a wide range of Fortune 100 companies.

Beginning with the Class of 2017, all students participate in a project-based professional experience such as co-op, internship, directed research, or community project related to the student's professional goals.

Graduation from the Clarkson University School of Business requires an International Experience.  Beginning with the Class of 2017 this will include students from the Engineering & Management Program.
The following is a listing of the courses required to complete the E&M B.S. degree:

ID# Course CR
EM 205 Accounting for Decision Analysis 3
EM 120 Team-based Design and Innovation 3
MA 131 Calculus I 3
CM 131 Chemistry I 4
UNIV 190 Clarkson Seminar 3
FY 100 First Year Seminar 1
ID# Course CR
EM 211 Intro. to Enterprise Information Systems 3
EM 121 Technological Entrepreneurship 2
MA 132 Calculus II 3
CM 132/BY 160 Chemistry II/Cellular & Molecular Biology 4/3
PY 151 Intro. to Psychology 4
ID# Course CR
EC 350 Economic Principles and Engineering Economics 3
LW 270 Law and Society I 3
MA 232 Differential Equations 3
EM 286 Organizational Behavior I 3
PH 131 Physics I 4
ID# Course CR
STAT 383 Applied Statistics 3
EM 480 Project Management 3
UNIV Course University Course 3
ES 220 Statics 3
PH 132 Physics II 4
Remaining Courses for Junior and Senior Years
ID# Course CR
FN 361 Financial Management 3
MK 320 Principles of Marketing 3
ID# Course CR
EM 331 Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
EM 333 Operations Research 3
EM 351 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise 3
Math and Engineering Science
ID# Course CR
MA 231 Calculus III 3
ES 250 Electrical Science 3
ES 260+/ES 222+/EE 264 Materials Science+/Strengths+/Digital Design 3
ES 330 Fluid Mechanics 3
ES 340 Thermodynamics 3
Senior Capstones
ID# Course CR
EM 432 Organizational Policy & Strategy 3
EM 456* Integrated Process Engineering & Design 3
Common Experience and Electives
ID# Course CR
COMM 217 Public Speaking 3
Free Elective 3
Knowledge Area/Free Elective (2) 6
Professional Electives (3) 9
Professional Experience NC
International Experience NC