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Message from the Campaign Co-Chairs

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John Brilbeck ' 68 and Kevin Parker '81 Campaign Co-Chairs


More than a decade separated our respective experiences at Clarkson University—but we both came away with the same exceptional education, the same feeling of being a part of something and someplace unique. Through the years, we have become increasingly committed to doing what we can to help this very special learning community grow and thrive.

So we come enthusiastically now to E2E: The Campaign for New Ideas, Effective Answers, and Unlimited Possibilities at Clarkson University. We come with a firm belief that what we see as the heart and soul of Clarkson is as important today as ever and eminently worth preserving and enhancing.

We see powerful undergraduate and graduate programs and research opportunities; a clear-eyed focus on careers and results; unexcelled technical, engineering, and business expertise; a lack of barriers to innovation; a virtuous circle between academics, discovery, and industry; and an enlightened willingness to defy convention.  We come with the understanding that we must be ever more dynamic in our efforts to fund and grow this one-of-a-kind University. We cannot rely upon serendipity or good luck to answer all the needs or to take advantage of all the opportunities.

Like the University and its students and faculty, Clarkson supporters must be both pragmatic and venturesome, ready to embrace the Clarkson spirit and to accelerate into the future, whatever it may hold.

Much has been achieved at Clarkson in recent years—there is a wonderful vibrancy and sparkle on the campus today. Yet, much remains to be done. We are confident that the E2E, Campaign and its outcomes are in no way theoretical, but instead are measurable, necessary, and very real.

From supporting students and faculty to powering innovation and discovery, from keeping Clarkson affordable and accessible to undergraduate students who have always been its lifeblood to reinvigorating the hockey program and all Golden Knights athletics, we come to you with absolute conviction that now is the prime moment. The time is now for you to take up the cause in shaping the future of Clarkson, our community, and in very important ways, our world.

As alumni who are proud of Clarkson and inspired by its future, we are thrilled to chair and share that effort.  You can join us here.