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Acceptance, Withdrawal, & Rejection

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A confirmation or acceptance letter that is generally given by an employer where they ask you to sign as acceptance of the terms made in an employment offer (i.e. salary, start date, etc.). Generally, this note is preceded by a telephone call where an offer is made and the formal offer is sent by mail or e-mail for your acceptance.

At times, you will find yourself in the positive situation of having been offered and accepting a position while awaiting a reply from another organization. Once you have signed an offer of employment, it is customary to call other sites that may have you under consideration (i.e. only those places that have already interviewed you). A phone call is best but this letter could be an e-mail to an employer/recruiter indicating that you have accepted employment and wanted to withdraw your candidacy. All you need to say is that you decided to accept another offer due to its fit with your goals at this stage of your career.

Sometimes you will receive an offer of employment and it may not be the position of your choice. Candidates may decline an offer by phone (best method) or in writing. You ought to thank them for opportunity and after careful consideration you have decided not to accept their offer based upon your goals at the present time. A polite rejection made by phone actually allows you to gain consideration in the future if you remain interested.