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What to Wear

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While many companies have adopted a “business casual” dress code, it is still recommended that for interviews students wear a suit. Dark colors (charcoal, navy, black) are best. Fit is most important, not cost. Shoes ought to have a slight shine.

Men - Shirts should be conservative in color with white or light blue being best; ties ought to be conservative; socks should be dark and coordinate with the suit (i.e. black socks for charcoal or black suits); no jewelry outside of a watch and/or ring

Women - blouse colors can be of a wider range than men; close-toes shoes with moderate heel/pump; minimal jewelry

Be sure to bring a padfolio that contains a pen, extra resumes, and your questions prewritten out on the pad. Padfolios are generally black and have a pad on one side with a slot for files/documents on the left.