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Graduate & Professional School

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The Career Center is the centralized depository for graduate and professional school information on campus even though, as in most research intensive universities, much mentorship is carried on by specific subject area faculty.  We run workshops on the rudiments of graduate school application processes and timelines as well as panel discussions and series of programs to promote knowledge of the differences between research oriented and career enhancing advanced degrees, requirements, and purposes of each. 


Timeline - Junior Year:
Research programs and admission requirements (differ with each school, study/register for preferred tests/testing schedules and sites, funding sources, prepare first draft of personal statement, alert potential recommenders.

Timeline - Senior Year
Prioritize programs, refine statement(s), test/retest required exams, compile recommendations, gather possible funding sources.

Students are encouraged to schedule a time to meet with a staff member to discuss their individual plan as early as feasible in their collegiate career.  Plans can always be adjusted but early advisement often leads to other means of obtaining pertinent and important advisement information.

Sample sites to explore Graduate School programs:,,,