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Career Exploration Options

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Counselors are available to meet one-on-one with students for career planning purposes throughout the year. Choice of major, how a course of study is transferred from academia to the world of work, coordinating contact with alumni advisors and other professionals, and online career assessments are all aspects of helping students feel secure that the path they are choosing fits their aspirations.

Comprehensive Career Development Assessments

Whether you are deciding on a major or want to review post-graduate career options, the Career Center offers both online and personal resources. 

Focus 2 Career & Educational Planning

Career Readiness

  • Career & Educational Goals
  • Academic Strengths
  • Your Accomplishments
  • Your Career Planning Status
  • Your Personal Development Needs


  • Work Interest Assessment
  • Leisure Interest Assessment
  • Skills Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Narrow Results – See Your Top Career Choices

Explore the Possibilities

  • Search by Name & Industry
  • What can I do with a major in……?
  • Compare Occupations

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One-on-one counseling and advisement. Counselors are available to discuss major selection, post-graduate endeavors, and any other career-related questions. To schedule a meeting, call 315-268-6477 or stop by the Career Center on the 2nd floor of the ERC.


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