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Internship Program (Summer & Local)

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Internships may be defined in many ways, occur throughout the year, and vary in length. Though most students complete them during the summer months, local internships can be completed during the academic year. At Clarkson University, an internship is defined as professional-level work, relating to a student’s academic major or professional goal that is not purely administrative in nature. Work assignments must be equivalent to professional projects and/or assignments. The host organization is encouraged to provide an onsite supervisor that meets regularly with the student to provide feedback and/or direction. Internship outcomes include work-related competencies, individual skill development and career direction. To qualify, students must have completed their most recent semester at Clarkson University.

Qualified Professional Experience
Before you sign up for an internship, make sure that it meets the criteria for a “professional experience” in your major. Check with your academic department.

Course Credit
Since some internships may not offer compensation, you may wish to consider receiving academic credit in exchange. We strongly recommend that you work closely with your academic advisor to determine the appropriate course number and structure for your internship.

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