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CAMP’s  Annual Technical Meeting

CAMP’s Annual Technical Meeting was held May 15 - 17, 2013, at the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga   Springs, New York. The objective of this meeting was to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and information between university and industry researchers involved in fine particle processing and nanotechnology and related colloid and surface aspects as well as applications.  It included representatives of Industry, University, and New York State Economic Development Organizations. Wednesday’s keynote speaker was Dr. Vivek Singh (Fellow and Technology & Manufacturing Group Director, Computational Lithography, Intel).  His talk was titled “Computational Lithography: Moore Bang for your Buck.” Two speakers were featured on Thursday evening. Deputy Secretary for Economic Development Leecia Eve spoke before dinner about “Igniting New York’s Innovation Economy.” The after dinner keynote speaker was Dr. Gary Patton (IBM Vice President & IEEE Fellow, Semiconductor Research & Development Center, IBM Systems and Technology Group). His talk was titled “Semiconductor Technology: Trends, Challenges, & Opportunities.”

This successful meeting was well attended and had many excellent poster presentations on CAMP research. The posters were judged in three categories: most attractive, most creative, and best overall. Certificates and ribbons were awarded to the first, second, and third place winners of each category. The certificates were presented by Clarkson University President Anthony Collins and the ribbons were presented by Distinguished University Professor and CAMP Director S.V. Babu.  The judges were Harry Fuerhaupter (Potters Industries LLC), Steve Crimi (Titans USA LTD, Lighting Group), Dr. Yuri Roiter (P&G), and Dr. Ionel Halaciuga (Technic Inc.).


From left: Clarkson University Sr. VP and Provost Charles Thorpe, Lee Cook (Technology Fellow and Global Slurry R&D Director, Dow Electronic Materials), Keynote Speaker Dr. Vivek Singh (Intel Fellow, Technology & Manufacturing Group Director, Computational Lithography of Intel), Distinguished University Professor / CAMP Director S.V. Babu, and CAMP Deputy Director Jack Prendergast.

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From left:  Distinguished University Professor / CAMP Director S.V. Babu, Ed Reinfurt (Director of the Division of Science, Technology, & Innovation, Empire State Development), Keynote Speaker Dr. Gary Patton (IBM Vice President & IEEE Fellow, Semiconductor Research & Development Center, IBM Systems and Technology Group), before dinner Speaker Deputy Secretary for Economic Development Leecia Eve, and Clarkson University President Anthony Collins.

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Best Overall Poster

First Place: “Portable Paper Based Biosensor for the Detection of Enzyme Substrates”

Presenter: Ramiz Alkasir  

Authors are Professor Andreescu and Ramiz Alkasir

Second Place:“Size Controlled Synthesis of Silver Particles for Electronic Applications: A New Approach”      

Presenters: Dr. Ajeet Kumar and Dr. Igor Sevonkaev

Authors are Professor Goia, Dr. Ajeet Kumar and Dr. Igor Sevonkaev

Third Place: “Polymer-Ceramic Composite Coatings with Low-Friction, Wear Resistance, and Anti-Corrosion Properties”

Presenter: Malavarayan Sankarasubramanian

Authors are Professors Krishnan, Rasmussen, and Moosbrugger, Janice Lebga-Nebane, Malavarayan Sankarasubramanian, Gregory Chojecki, Bo Ning, and Jerry Maldanado

Most Attractive Poster

First Place: “Novel Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles for Medical Applications ”

Presenter: Dr. John Njagi 

Authors are Professor Goia and Dr. John Njagi

Second Place: “Cell as Fractal: Cancer and Healthy Cervical Cells Demonstrate Different         

Fractal Behavior of Surface Adhesion Maps at the Nanoscale”

Presenter: Nataliia Guz

Authors are Professors Sokolov and Woodworth, Nataliia   Guz, M.E. Dokukin, R.M.Gaikwad, and A. Cardin


Third Place: “Analysis and Characterization of Rotational Disk-Based Micro-Sensors”

Presenter: Eileen Haffner and James Stephens 

Authors are Professor Cetinkaya, Eileen Haffner, James Stephens, Weili Cui, Steven Jones, and David Jones

Most Creative Poster

First Place: “Acoustic Band Gaps of Polymer Cellular Solids with Cubic Symmetry ”

Presenter: Yanyu Chen

Authors are Professor Wang and Yanyu Chen

Second Place:

“Use of Anionic Surfactants for Selective Polishing of Silicon Dioxide over Silicon Nitride Films Using Colloidal Silica-Based Slurries”

Presenter: Sevim Korkmaz

Authors are Professor S.V. Babu, Naresh Penta, H.P. Amanapu, and B.C. Peethala


Third Place: “Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Conjugated Polymer Thin Films”

Presenter: Arvind Sreeram

Authors are Professors Krishnan and Yuya, Arvind Sreeram, Nimitt Patel, Azar Abidnejad, and Stephan DeLuca