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BS in Global Supply Chain Management

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The principles behind supply chain management focus on developing seamless flows of raw materials, products/services, information, and financial capital.  The supply chain starts at the initial design process and includes raw material sourcing, logistics, and continues through the delivery of that product or service to the end customer, with a goal of creating customer satisfaction at optimal cost.  The GSCM curriculum takes a systems approach, which includes concepts and faculty from operations management, marketing, information systems, human resource management, strategic management, and economics woven together in a seamless curriculum.  Concepts emphasized include:
  • Integration through ERP
  • A process management approach to quality
  • A global orientation
  • E-commerce based strategies
  • Employing IT as a decision-making tool
  • People and organizational skills for implementing GSCM solutions
  • Incorporating environmental sustainability perspectives
Required courses include:

EC451 Industrial & Supply Chain Economics
IS428 Information Systems for Supply Chain Management

OM341 Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Design
OM351 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise

SB361 Supply Chain Environmental Management
SB381 Logistics Management
SB441 Advanced Topics in Global Supply Chain Management
OS466 Negotiations & Relationship Management

Students choose one professional elective courses from the following list:

IS414 Database Management
LW471 Law & Society II
MK322 Market Analysis & Research
MK436 Creativity and Developing Innovation & New Products
SB476 Management of Technology
SB305 Cost Management 

Concentration in Global Supply Chain Management

A professional concentration in Global Supply Chain Management is available to E&M students who are planning a career in   Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse Management, ERP Systems Integration, Transportation or Materials Handling.



EM341 Global Sourcing and Supply Chain EM331

Logistics Management

MK320 and EM/OM331


Information Systems for Supply Chain Management


Choose two of the following:


Quality Management & Lean Enterprise



Negotiations & Relationship Management



Supply Chain Environmental Management