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1962 was an amazing year for both Clarkson University and the world. Crick and Watson were awarded the Nobel prize in science for discovering the helix structure of DNA, Marilyn Monroe was found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills, and issues with the Berlin wall in Germany were at their peak. In October of this year, the Cuban Missile Crisis caused a large scare in the United States. JFK was president.

At Clarkson University, 1962 brought the naming of many well-known dorms. In May, the dorms in the quad were named: Brooks, Ross, (after past presidents) and Reynolds and Cubley, (after trustee members). The two dorms down the hill were also named: Hamlin and Powers, (after two faculty members). 1962 was also the first year Clarkson offered a flat rate tuition for all students, regardless of major program. In previous years, business administration students had paid about $150 less. The new tuition was set at $1300.

Memorabilia in the Gateway included opened pages from the 1962 Clarksonian yearbook, and scanned pictures from that yearbook in the digital and static frames. Various Integrators from 1962 were also be added in the long glass case, as well as specific memorabilia sent in by our 50th reunion alumni.

Alumni Gateway Display Cases - Summer 2012