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Transfer Student Success Stories

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Global Supply Chain Management

If you’re serious about your education, Clarkson is the place you want to be, said Huesne Daglioglu, ’10, a transfer student from Westchester Community College.

“I think if someone really cares about their studies and a very good education,” she said, “I totally would recommend this place, because this is the place where you can focus on your studies.”

Daglioglu, who was born in Turkey and raised in Germany, said she chose Clarkson “because it’s far from all the things that take my attention away from studying.”

“It's a small college and I prefer a college where everyone knows everyone, and where you can have better relationships with your professors,” she said.

Daglioglu said Clarkson has the best staff members, who are very friendly and helpful, even at the top. “Every time the president of the school sees you, he says hello to you.“

Daglioglu, a global supply chain management major, said she’ll especially remember the trip to Asia she took with 12 other Clarkson students and a professor. They visited several businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong to get a real-world idea of how business is done. “This is so far the best experience ever.”

She was impressed that many of the companies they visited are using some of the same techniques and systems she learned in the classroom. “I like that Clarkson provides us with classes and knowledge which are used out there in the business world.”

Daglioglu said she sometimes feels like all she does study and work on class projects. That’s why she tries to balance academics with other activities. She’s involved with the CEO Club, the International Student Organization (ISO) and the Christian Fellowship Center. She also blogs for the ISO.

“I try to balance everything so I won’t feel stressed out, like meeting some friends, going to some activities or just hitting the gym,” she said.

Daglioglu‘s plans for the future are complicated by the fact she’s an international transfer student. “I have to see if I want to stay in the states or go back home to Germany,” she said, “but I would love to see myself one day working for IBM.”