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Board of Trustees

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Clarkson Board of Trustees - October 2014

Board Officers

•  Lawrence J. Delaney '57, Chair
•  Anthony G. Collins, University President
•  Nancy D. Reyda '81, Vice Chair
•  Bayard D. Clarkson '74, Distinguished Vice Chair
•  Jean E. Spence '79, Vice Chair
•  Jody A. Markopoulos '93, Secretary
•  Kelly O. Chezum '04, Assistant Secretary
•  James D. Fish '79, Treasurer

Members of the Board as of May 2015

Carolyn A. Brandsema '80
Vice President 737 Engineering (Ret.)
Boeing Company

Dr. Thomas J. Burns
Founder & CEO (Ret.)
SET Corporation

Robert A. Campbell '61
Managing Partner & CEO, Asia Pacific (Ret.)
Deloitte & Touche

Amy E. Castronova '04
President and CEO
Novatek Communications, Inc

Bayard D. Clarkson Jr., M.D.
Private Practitioner

Bayard D. Clarkson Sr., M.D. '74
Sloan - Kettering Institute

John D. Correnti '69
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Steel Development Company, LLC

Charles R. Craig
Sr. Vice President Science & Technology
Administration & Operations
Corning Incorporated

Jason R. Currie '94
Executive Vice President
Romspen Investment Corporation

Karel K. Czanderna '77
President & CEO
Flexsteel Industries Inc.

Lawrence J. Delaney '57
Executive Vice President (Ret.)
Titan Corporation

Mark Dzwonczyk
President & CEO
Nicholville Telephone Co.

Judith J. Foster
Northern New York Advocate

Robert K. Goldman '79
Global Executive Sponsor (Ret)

Richard R. Griffith '69
Sturges Manufacturing Co. Inc.

William F. Helmer '56
Helmer-Cronin Construction Inc.

Michael E. Jesanis '78
President & CEO (Former)
National Grid USA

Dianna M. Jones Herrmann '85
Global Development Manager for Recovery
and Transformation Services
McKinsey & Company

Thomas L. Kassouf '74
Snap-on-Tools Group

Earl "Skip" R. Lewis '66
President, CEO & Chairman
Flir Systems Inc.

Carl B. Mack, Hon. '10
Executive Director (Ret.)
National Society of Black Engineers

Jody A. Markopoulos '93
Vice President, Sourcing
GE Oil & Gas

Kaitlin P. Monte TCS '06
Traffic Anchor
PIX11 News

Timothy P. Pettee
Chief Investment Officer

James W. Ransom '88
JWR Consulting

Nancy D. Reyda '81
Managing Director
Bank of America

Stephen D. Ryan '87
Senior Vice President
Morgan Stanley

Raymond L. Skowyra Jr.
Technology Business Strategy Consultant
Summit Associates

Jean E. Spence '79
Executive Vice President Research, Development & Quality (Ret.)
Mondelēz International, Inc.

James F. Wood '64
Director, U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center
West Virginia University

Mary Kay Woods '82
Partner (Ret.)

Robert R. Ziek Jr. '78
ZSource Ltd  

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University Corporation, managing its affairs and granting and conferring such academic degrees and honors as are permitted by the Regents of the State of New York and specifically authorized by its charter.

To Contact the Board of Trustees, please write or call in care of:

Dr. Kelly O. Chezum
Vice President for External Relations &
Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trustees
8 Clarkson Avenue, Box 5500
Potsdam, New York 13699
Phone: 315-268-4483
Fax: 315-268-2308