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Young Scholars 2015

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The Homestead Advantage 2025

Homesteading is a long tradition in America.  Perhaps best known as the name for the 1862 Act that transferred federal land in the American West to pioneering families, a homestead is more than a home.  It is a center of self-sufficiency.  Homesteaders grow their own food, provide their own water and energy, and even produce clothing and craftwork for household use and for sale.  Modern-day homesteaders make use of renewable energy technologies and the latest technological innovations as well as time-tested techniques.  Homesteading is a growing trend in the United States, and this year's Young Scholars Program will develop a conceptual and marketing plan to bring the homesteading message to America's suburbs.

This year's Young Scholars will address the following hypothetical scenario:

"On May 20, 2015, exactly 153 years after the first Homestead Act was signed into law, President Obama called for a new Homestead Act in America, Homestead 2025.  This act will strengthen the country's resilience, and teach the values of self-sufficiency to a new generation of Americans.  Focused on Amerca's suburbs, Homestead 2025 will turn laws into gardens and nurseries, homes into energy producers, and the average American into a producer of goods, not just a consumer of them.  By 2025, 164 years after the first Homestead Act and 10 years after passage of Homestead 2025, American suburbs will be a showcase of energy productivity, healthy food, and a thriving economy."

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