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Thalia Frasco Plans to Have It All

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Thalia Frasco knows what she wants—and she’s on the fast track to getting it, thanks to Clarkson. She’s always wanted to be a lawyer, and she has a passion for engineering, so she decided to do both. She’s a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in prelaw and a concentration in biomolecular engineering, all with an end goal of being a patent lawyer for a pharmaceutical company.

That’s a pretty specific goal for an undergraduate, but Thalia was still in high school when she mapped out her plan. She visited Clarkson when her older brother was touring engineering colleges and decided—right away—this was the place for her. She skipped her senior year in high school to attend The Clarkson School, the University’s full-time residential early-entry program, and then entered the Honors Program with sophomore status. “I love to challenge myself, and I knew that the Honors Program would be a challenge,” she says.

During her Clarkson School year, Thalia searched faculty web pages for the research project that interested her the most. When she found it, she knocked on the door of Silvana Andreescu, associate professor of chemistry and biomolecular science, and asked if she could help. Ever since, she’s been working on the development of a nanoparticle-based sensor paper that can rapidly measure the antioxidant capacity of foods and show the result via color change. “This would be really good for field engineers who need a portable test,” she says. “A lot of the other technology right now is very bulky or expensive and not very practical in the field.”

Thalia plans to use the project as her Honors Program thesis, and aims to wrap it up by the end of her junior year. After that, she hopes to do a co-op at a law firm in pursuit of her long-term career goal.

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