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Biology Seminars Keep Undergraduates Informed About Scientific Discoveries, Graduate Education and Career Options

Biology majors are encouraged to attend and participate in departmental research seminars. Speakers are recruited from leading medical schools and graduate programs. Students learn about recent advances in medical and biomolecular research. They also learn about opportunities for summer and graduate research at the speaker's institute. Students can receive credit for attending seminars by enrolling in BY300 Current Topics in Biological Research.

Seminars for Spring 2011:

January 15.  Dr. Phil Hopke, Clarkson University. Saving Human Health and Climate through better Cook Stoves

January 29.  Dr. Peter Hodson, Queens University. Oil Pollution: Why Should We be Concerned?

February 19.  Dr. Susan Willson , Saint Lawrence University, Army Ants and Obligate Ant-Following Birds           

March 5.  Dr. James Schulte, Clarkson University, Lizard Tales: Understanding Evolution Using an Unconventional Organism

April 2.  Dr. Gary Mawe, University of Vermont. Taking a Bottom-up Approach to the Study of Neuro-Immune  Interactions:  Molecular  Mechanisms of Altered Motility

April 16.  Dr. Robert Dowman, Clarkson University, Who Goes There? How Threats Capture Attention

Laura Smith

"Research was one of my most valuable experiences at Clarkson, I learned more in the lab about school and life then I ever did in the classroom. I made connections and friends that I maintain to this day. Plus, I was able to contribute to the scientific community and I had some of my research published."
— Laura Smith '03, '04 earned her B.S. and M.S. at Clarkson. She is currently a medical student at Saint Georges University.


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