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Michelle Cr
Assistant Professor
Environmental Health Sciences and Environmental Science & Policy
Institute for a Sustainable Environment / Department of Biology
153 Science Center
Phone: 315-268-4174

Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
M.S., Environmental Health, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Courses Taught  
Environmental Science BY280

Research Interests
On site remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater; chemical oxidation for organic contaminant degradation; characterization of environmental systems; and human health risk assessment.

A whole bunch of other stuff we don't understand and certainly can't spell...

Publications in last 5 years

Tsitonaki A., B. Petri, M. Crimi, H. Mosbæk, R.L. Siegrist, and P.L. Bjerg (2008).  In situ chemical oxidation of contaminated soil and groundwater using persulfate:  A review.  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, accepted and in press.

Petri B.G., R.L. Siegrist, M. Crimi (2008).  Effects of Groundwater Velocity and Permanganate Concentration on DNAPL Mass Depletion Rates during In Situ Oxidation.  Journal of Environmental Engineering, 134(1):1-13.

Siegrist R.L., M. Crimi, J. Munakata-Marr, T. Illangasekare, P. Dugan, J. Heiderscheidt, B. Petri, and J. Sahl (2008).  Chemical Oxidation for Clean Up of Contaminated Groundwater.  In: Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites.  M.D. Annable et al. (eds.), 2008 Springer, p. 45-58.

Crimi M. and J. Taylor (2007).  Experimental Evaluation of Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Persulfate for Destruction of BTEX Contaminants. Soil and Sediment Contamination, 16:29-45.

Sahl J., J. Munakata-Marr, M. Crimi, and R.L. Siegrist (2007).  Coupling Permanganate Oxidation with Microbial Dechlorination of Tetrachloroethene.  Water Environment Research, 79(1):5-12.

Siegrist, R.L., K.S. Lowe, M.L. Crimi, and M.A. Urynowicz (2006).  Quantifying PCE and TCE in DNAPL Source Zones:  Effects of Sampling Methods Used for Intact Cores at Varied Contaminant Levels and Media Temperatures. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, 26(2):114-124.

Crimi M.L. and R.L. Siegrist (2005).  Factors Affecting Effectiveness and Efficiency of DNAPL Destruction Using Potassium Permanganate and Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide.  Journal of Environmental Engineering, 131(12):1724-1732.