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Applying to Other Colleges or Universities

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Students who successfully earn appropriate credit hours and acceptance into a major at Clarkson University are continued as sophomores at the University, if they choose.  However, many of our students apply to other colleges and universities during their year at The Clarkson School, and you’ll be assisted in the process by The Clarkson School staff. Our goal is to help you best succeed to prepare yourself and submit an application wherever you wish to go.

Advisors work with students to help them to prepare applications that best reflect their abilities and potential for further study.  All students encouraged to explore opportunities at other institutions, as well as those offered by Clarkson.

Clarkson University

For students who desire to continue their education at Clarkson University, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Students who have completed at least 24 credit hours of course work with a 2.0 or higher Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) in The Clarkson School will be classified as sophomores.  Students with less the 24 credit hours will be classified as freshmen.
  2. Only courses for which a student earned a grade of “D” (1.0) or higher will be considered for application toward meeting degree requirements.
  3. Other courses for which credit has been earned at another college or university outside the scope of The School will be evaluated, and if found academically equivalent, substituted in lieu of Clarkson courses. The credit hours may be used toward satisfying degree requirements. However, the grades will not be calculated as part of the GPA.
  4. If a student has taken a class through cross-registration, while enrolled at The Clarkson School, the grade will be calculated as part of the GPA.

Other Colleges and Universities

For students who desire to continue their education at other institutions, the following guidelines generally apply:

  1. Acceptability of courses taken at Clarkson remains within the purview of the institution the student plans to attend. Application of grades and/or credit hours toward satisfaction of degree requirements is governed by that institution’s rules/regulations/policies in effect.
  2. Clarkson University will prepare a transcript after the student completes a Transcript    Release form which reflects that the student earned specific grades and credit hours based upon the student’s course load.
  3. The Clarkson School will cooperate with all institutions to which the student may apply to achieve the most favorable transferability of credits and student placement.

While The Clarkson School will assist in any way appropriate, it is the student’s responsibility to research and submit application(s) to other institutions.

A detailed examination of the college exploration and admission process as it relates to Clarkson School students may be found in the School’s booklet on college admission entitled “The College Workbook.”