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  • Combining Forces 

    Students from Clarkson and Kyushu University in Japan are coming together to share ideas about robotics and technology for the FIRST Robotics program. The Japanese students came to Clarkson in January 2012 and our students will head to Japan later this year. 

  • Robots Invade Clarkson 

    The FIRST Robotics Championship competition brought more than 400 students, and their coaches and robots to campus. 

  • FIRST Robotics Summer Camp

    Robotics Summer Camp 

    Students grades 5-12 can join Clarkson Professor Jim Carroll at Robotics Day Camp 2013, where they will experience robotics while working in teams to brainstorm solutions to sports-inspired challenges using LEGO software! 

  • FIRST Competitions at Clarkson

    Clarkson Hosts FIRST Robotics Competitions 

    Each fall, Clarkson hosts FIRST Robotics competitions on campus for FLL, FTC and FRC. Stay tuned for more details of this fall's competition! 

  • FIRST Scholarship

    FIRST Scholarships Available at Clarkson 

    Each year, Clarkson awards up to 25 FIRST merit scholarships (of up to $6,000) to selected high school seniors who have participated on an FRC or FTC team. Apply now! 

  • FIRST Robotics Summer Outreach

    Follow the FIRST Robotics Van this Summer! 

    This summer, a team of FIRST Robotics students will be traveling the North Country to teach local communities about robotics and environmental sustainability through the Museum Without Walls program. Check out where they'll be heading next! 


Learn more about our 2013 Robotics Summer Day Camp!


FIRST Robotics

 This project is not for the weak or ill tempered. The team of Clarkson students from many different majors and area high school students have only six weeks to design and build a remotely controlled robot that competes in a sporting-like event. For those who like to lead a less intense lifestyle, there are opportunities for web design, computer animation, and public relations.