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Grad Student Financial Aid FAQs

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Can International students get student loans?
Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for federal student loans.  It is possible that private companies may offer alternative student loans to international students, but in most cases, a credit worthy US co-signer is required.  Clarkson does not recommend alternative lenders.

Can federal loans be used to cover living expenses?
Cost of attendance includes non-direct costs such as living expenses.  The amount if based on averages.  Living expenses for students enrolled for less than full-time status will be prorated.

When should I start the process for federal loans?
Students should file their FAFSA by April 15, after filing their income tax return.  Loan applications can be submitted in June or July, but no later than the tuition due date, which is typically the first Friday in August.  Students who will start with summer courses will want to submit their loan application no later than the first day of classes.

Do I need parent information when I file the FAFSA?
No, graduate students are independent and do not include parent information.

Do I need to come to campus and meet with a financial aid staff member?
Although many student come to SAS to discuss their financial aid at some point, much of the discussion can take place via email or phone before the student is on campus.

Are graduate student eligible for NYS TAP or the federal Pell grant?
No, graduate student are not eligible for either.

Are graduate student eligible for federal work study?
Graduate students may be eligible for federal work study.  Contact Peggy Jarvis in Financial Aid to determine your federal eligibility.  When federal work study is included in your cost of attendance formula, it may reduce your loan eligibility.

Can I defer my undergraduate student loans?
Clarkson’s Registrar’s Office submits a file of registered students about the third week of September to the Student Loan Clearinghouse.  Most, but not all, loan servicers will obtain enrollment data and automatically process an in-school deferment.  Student borrowers should check the status of their  existing student loans for deferment eligibility and processing.

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