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Financing Brochure & Resources

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We understand that financial aid can be confusing for parents and students. Inside the 2015-2016 Financing Brochure, you will find information to help you choose which financial aid options will best suit your needs to finance your Clarkson education. This brochure contains information and instructions relating to financing options.

Financial Aid Resources - FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
File electronically and update your Student Aid Report (SAR)
Telephone for general information:
1-800-730-8913 (TTY) - Funding Your Education – The Guide to Federal Student Aid - William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program and links to other federal websites

General Loan Information and to complete your Master Promissory note for a subsidized, unsubsidized or Parent (PLUS) loan. This is where Parent and Graduate PLUS applications are completed online.  It is also used currently to complete your Entrance Counseling. - NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System)
National Student Loan Data System – If you currently have a federal
loan and would like to check the interest rate, servicer information and other
financial aid history. Available starting January 27, MyStudentData Download will allow students to download their loan, grant, enrollment and overpayment information into a text file. This site is also used to complete the Loan Exit online.  During the Spring of 2013, Loan Entrance will also move to this site.  - New York State Higher Education Assistance Corporation (HESC)
Check the status of your TAP application, change your TAP school code, view your award.

Mailing address:
New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
99 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12255

1-888-697-4372 (toll free)
1-800-445-5234 (TTY) - NASFAA (National Association of Financial Aid Administrators)
Click on Students, Parents or Counselors - Federal Student Aid site – Comprehensive Federal Financial Aid Information - Apply for a PIN (electronic signature) or access your current PIN free scholarship search - This is the loan servicer for Institutional Loans and Perkins Loans
Mailing Address:
Heartland Campus Solutions
181 Montour Run Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108

1.888.549.3274 - Visit this site to compare alternative loan products offered by private lenders.  Use alternative loans as a last resort to finance your education.

2015-2016 Financing Brochure

Important Resources: Income Based Repayment (IBR) and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF):

IBR and PSLF Calculator

Application and Information

Phone: 1-888-265-4038

Check NSLDS to see your Federal student loan data