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Proposed Projects (2017)
Our unique program brings together students from environmental engineering, ecology, and environmental chemistry to share their perspectives on remediation and management of biotic and abiotic pollutants. All research projects are within the area of sustainable management to understand the role of environmental science and engineering in managing pollutants in natural systems. Below is a summary list of projects and links to a description of each. Click Here to Apply!

Advanced Porous Materials for Carbon Capture and SequestrationDr. Mario WriedtChemistry & Biomolecular Science

Ammonia Removal During Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion to Increase Energy Generation and Reactive Nitrogen RecoveryDr. Stefan GrimbergCivil and Environmental Engineering

Aquatic Health Monitoring System for Sustainable Water Quality MonitoringDr. James BonnerCivil and Environmental Engineering

Cement Free Low-Embodied-Energy ConcreteDr. Sulapha PeethamparanCivil and Environmental Engineering

Decommission and Removal of Old DamsDr. Weiming WuCivil and Environmental Engineering

Degradation of Contaminants in Drinking Water by Electrical Discharge PlasmaDr. Selma MededovicChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Effect of Membrane Morphology on Microfiltration SeparationsDr. Ruth BaltusChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Energy Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality: Creating Sustainable Built Environments Dr. Andrea FerroCivil and Environmental Engineering

Energy Infrastructure as Neighborhood Dis(amenity)Dr. Martin HeintzelmanEnvironmental Economics

Evaluation of Trace Volatile Organic Compounds in Built MicroenvironmentsDr. Alan RossnerInstitute for a Sustainable Environment

Evaluation of Water Quality in the St. Lawrence River to Support Adaptive Management of Water Level RegulationDr. Michael R. TwissBiology

Exploring the Split Incentive: Motivations for Resource Efficiency Among Students Who Do Not Pay the BillsDr. Susan PowersInstitute for a Sustainable Environment

Investigation of Large Woody Debris Jams and their Effects on Bed ChangesDr. Ian KnackCivil and Environmental Engineering

Investigation of Surface Reactivity & Environmental Transformation of NanoparticlesDr. Silvana AndreescuChemistry & Biomolecular Science

Macroalgae Aquaculture for Nutrient Recovery and Bioenergy Production at Wastewater Treatment Plants with Ocean OutfallsDr. Shane RogersCivil and Environmental Engineering

Motivating Energy and Resource Conservation Behavior by GamificationDr. Daqing HouElectrical and Computer Engineering

Near-Infrared Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Enhanced Solar Energy HarvestingDr. Zijie YanChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering

Quantification of Governance Problems in Energy ConflictDr. Stephen BirdHumanities and Social Sciences

Range and Distribution of Rare Turtle Species Delineated with E-DNA for Conservation PracticeDr. Tom LangenBiology

Small Wind Turbines Research for Sustainable Energy PracticesDr. Kenneth D. VisserMechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

Sustainable Groundwater RemediationDr. Michelle CrimiInstitute for a Sustainable Environment

The Fate and Transport of Emerging Contaminants in the Great Lakes EnvironmentDr. Thomas HolsenCivil and Environmental Engineering

Water Desalination using Nano-Porous Graphene Membrane: Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics StudyDr. Eunsu PaekChemistry and Biomolecular Engineering