Research & Innovation

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Clarkson enjoys an international reputation for excellence in research and innovation. Our world-renowned scholar-researchers tackle some of the toughest challenges facing the global community today in energy, technology, engineering, business, medicine and the environment.

Advanced Materials

We build the next generation of materials that will build the future. Our research and educational efforts with surface sciences and fine particle technologies have earned us an international reputation for excellence. Our researchers work in partnership with industry leaders to develop technology for commercial application in a range of areas, including nano- and bio-materials, particle transport, and particle synthesis.

Our faculty and students work with the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) on interdisciplinary projects funded by several million dollars in annual research funding.

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We improve people’s health and well-being. Our research and innovation produces artificial heart valves, artificial veins, drug delivery systems, virtual wheelchairs, and many more benefits to patients and health care providers. Our effort is cross-disciplinary, combining expertise in engineering, biomaterials, and physical therapy.

Our center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) works on groundbreaking research to improve the lives of those impacted by injury or disease.

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Environment & Energy

We work to create a better, cleaner, safer world. We tackle the biggest environmental challenges out there, coming up with solutions that lead to better air quality, more efficient energy production, and increased understanding of how we can be better caretakers of our planet.

Our Institute for a Sustainable Environment is an interdisciplinary research think tank that brings expert thinkers from engineering, science, economics and public policy together to produce brilliant environmental solutions.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We provide the home for new business leaders and audacious approaches to thrive. The future of business and engineering education are linked both to innovation and to the development of leaders who understand how to create a culture that nurtures creative thinking.

Our unique approach is ranked #15 in the nation and has widespread support from corporate, foundation, and private donors.

The Shipley Center for Innovation, Reh Center for Entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators Award Program have all received national attention for their pioneering opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Global Supply Chain Management

We optimize businesses for the integrated global marketplace. Our Global Supply Chain Management (GCSM) program is one of the best in the nation because our distinctive, multidisciplinary emphasis mirrors the intensive levels of integration that leading corporations recognize as vital to successful global supply chain management.

Our students go on to work at the world’s biggest international firms prepared to solve their most challenging issues - because they’ve already done so in the classroom.

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