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How To Approve a Purchase Requisition

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How to Approve a Purchase Requisition (pdf document of information below)

Requisition Review

Requisition Inquire




1. Sign on to PeopleSoft:

  • Connection Type - Application Server
  • Application Server Name - FINPRD75
  • Operator ID - JFISH (First initial, last name up to 7 characters)
  • Password - ******** (your own password - maximum 8 characters)

2. Press OK

3. Move mouse to View, Navigator Display, Worklist

4. Click mouse on 'Worklist' menu option

5. New panel appears 'Worklist' (upper left, top ofpanel)

6. Click the + sign to the left of the folder 'Requisition Amount Approval'

7. Double click next to the folder with the requisition number [CLKSN, OOOOOOOOxx]

8. New panel appears 'Requisition Items - Use - Amount Approval' (upper left, top of panel)

9. See (2) tabs at top of screen:

  • Approval
  • Details
10. Review information on the Approval tab (note that it defaults to 'Approve' next to Approval Action); use vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view fields

11. Review information on the Details tab; use vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view fields

12. To approve, save the panel by clicking the diskette located in the upper left comer of the panel

13. Approval status 'In Process' will change to 'Complete'

14. If not approved, select Approval Action 'Deny' or 'Recycle', then save

15. For multiple level approvals (research related or higher dollar requisitions), click OK after message appears




1. Move mouse to Use, Requisitions, Requisition Form, UpdatelDisplay

2. Press OK

3. Select Requisition Number to view (higWight number and press OK)

4. View any or all ofthe (4) tabs at top of panel

  • Requisition Form
  • Requisition Schedule
  • Header Comments (fetch "Sparky" on left to view comments)
  • DefaultslDetails (find Vendor here)

5. Click red 'X' (upper left) to cancel from panel




1. Move mouse to Inquire, Req Document Status Inquiry

2. Select box next to Receivers, Purchase Orders, Payments, Vouchers and/or All (you can view any or all of these documents online)

3. Fetch "Sparky"

4. Use scroll bars to view fields (use vertical and horizontal scroll bars)

5. See details by clicking "magnifying glass" at right ('Detail' button)

6. Click red 'X' (upper left) to cancel from panel