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2014 Graduates

Jennifer Brown  CU PA, or apply for  Masters Community Health Sci (SUNY Potsdam)
Nicholas Cardin Applying for jobs in zoos and museums working with animals
Paul Colbert Clarkson DPT
Garrison Cook no reply
Jessica Corpus

Taking year off, then applying to MSW program

Tenzin Dickinson no reply
Cody Earl Applying for mechanical engineering jobs (Mech E. Psych double major)
Andrew Ellis

 Applying to peace corps

Alyssia Fields no reply
 Caitlyn Hennessey Clarkson DPT
 Roseley Infante Applying for a Masters Clinical Psych program or MBA
Lydia LaLonde

 Inside Property Adjuster, Ecompass Insurance (div. of Allstate Insurance)

Paige McCanney Taking a year off, then applying to clinical psychology grad program
Michelle Morales Applying to Masters clinical programs
 Marissa Pelosi Clinical Research Assistant, Rhode Island Hospital Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center
Vanessa Plante playing hockey in Europe, then apply to an MSW program
Michelle Podolak  no reply
Tamar Romano  no reply
Hector Ruiz 1st Lieutenant US Army
Sarah Shafer Northeastern DPT
Brittany Sharlow Clarkson DPT
Jesse Stevens no reply
Jade Thrush Clarkson DPT
Samantha Williams

Clarkson DPT