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Reynolds Observatory

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Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory is located on the grounds of the Potsdam Airport.  The observatory is home to a 12” f-10 Meade telescope, which is currently mounted on the Jan Wojcik Orion ATLAS mount.

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Observatory Status: The observatory is operating in science only mode, and is therefore closed to the public until further notice. Scheduled public outreach events will be posted to the calendar on this page, be sure to subscribe! Thank you for your interest in The Reynolds Observatory, if you wish to help fund the restoration of the observatory, contact philanthropy and express your desire to help there.

The Skies Of Summer

The western sky near sunset is particularly beautiful with both Jupiter and Venus shining brightly. As the Sun sets, Saturn will rise shortly after to the east. A predominant feature of the night time sky this time of year is the Summer Triangle. The Summer Triangle is an asterism, made up of the brightest stars of three constellations: Vega, Deneb, and Altair. At the center of the triangle you can find Alberio, with a small telescope you can see that this star is in fact a visual double star. Alberio is a favorite object to view to illustrate that stars are in fact different colors. Alberio A appears yellowish, while Alberio B appears blueish. Fun fact about stars: hotter stars are blue, while cooler stars are red!

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