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Program Curriculum

The PA Program at Clarkson University is a professional degree program intended to prepare students academically and professionally for responsibilities and services as a Physician Assistant. This entry level master’s degree program consists of 82 credit hours divided into three phases that span 28 consecutive months.

The Didactic phase is the preclinical year and spans 13 months.

The Clinical phase consists of 14 months of supervised clinical education and coursework.

The Summative Phase consists of 1 month and consists of evaluation and preparation for the future as a graduate PA.

The curriculum is structured so that courses from Semester Two build on courses in Semester One, etc. Therefore, opportunities for transfer of credit into the PA curriculum or advanced placement are not available.

Supervised Clinical Practice Experiences are distributed among 9 clinical field experiences or “SCPE’s”. These experiences form the basis of the clinical and socialization processes for adaptation to the roles and functions of a Physician Assistant. A separate 5 week elective is designed for student research.