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Fall Pre-Orientation Trips

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CUOC Pre-Orientation Trips for Fall 2017 will be posted mid-March. View Fall 2016 trips below to get an idea of what to expect!

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An Experience of a Lifetime

Rather than spending your last few days before Orientation at home, biting your nails, packing and repacking, attend a Pre-Orientation Trip! On the Clarkson University Outing Club (CUOC) Pre-Orientation Trips, our trained student leaders will guide you through the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondack Park in northern New York for four days and three nights. We have backpacking and canoeing trips for every skill level and interest, and you are certain to make lifelong friends, learn about the Clarkson experience from upperclassmen, get a head start on the college experience, and even move into your residence hall room early! 

Each trip will consist of six new, incoming students and two upperclass student trip leaders. Please note that trip assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on who registers, you may sleep in a tent with people of the same gender or a different gender than your own. 

Students attending trips move into their rooms early on Monday, August 21st and arrive back to campus on Friday, August 25th in time for Orientation. We even provide a special orientation for your parents and family members when you arrive on the 21st so they do not need to make a separate trip to Clarkson. Each trip costs $190 which includes an on-campus picnic lunch for you and two family members, a free t-shirt to commemorate your trip, all transportation and food costs during the trip, a post-trip cookout exclusively for trip attendees, and extensive Wilderness First Responder training for your student trip leaders. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at

NOTE: Students who are a part of the Clarkson School or Honors Program are NOT eligible for these pre-orientations experiences due to their own Orientation trip taking place at the same time. 

Trip Options

Those wishing to go on a canoe trip must be able to swim.  Hiking trips require a pair of well-fitting, broken-in hiking or work boots with good support, as all participants will be carrying large backpacks.  All trips will be a primitive camping experience.  No special equipment is necessary, but anyone wishing to bring their own gear is highly encouraged to do so. Please note that trip assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on who registers, you may sleep in a tent with people of the same gender or a different gender than your own. 

Difficult Hiking: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs (35-50lbs) for 4-7 miles and day packs (10lbs) for 7-12 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 5-10 peaks.
Moderate Hiking: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 3-5 miles and day packs for 5-10 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 3-6 peaks. 
Easy Hiking: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 2-4 miles and day packs for 3-7 miles per day. Moderate Terrain. 1-4 peaks. 
Difficult Canoeing: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Canoeing 10-15 miles per day and carrying canoes 2-4 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs 2-4 miles.
Moderate Canoeing: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Canoeing 6-12 miles per day and carrying canoes .5-3 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs .5-3 miles.
Easy Canoeing: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Canoeing 2-7 miles per day and carrying canoes up to .5 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs for .5 miles.
Moderate Climbing: Climbing trips are open to all students. However, those who have previously rock-climbed will be given priority.

Trip 1: Still Better Than Hiking
Leaders: Will Callanan, Troy Bates
Difficulty: Easy Canoeing
Day 1: We will put our boats into the fish hatchery (pretty awesome!) off of Route 30. Heading through a few short portages and ending on Saint Regis Pond.
Day 2: Explore the area surrounding the campsite. Expect a lot of swimming today! Canoeing, rock jumping, and a little shenanigans can't be ruled out. 
Day 3: Today, we make our way to Lower Saint Regis Lake. This leg of the journey includes three short portages. Expect lots of easy canoeing and a little bit of hiking sprinkled in!
Day 4: Pack up camp in the morning. Paddle through all of the Lower Saint Regis and being picked up near Paul Smith's College.
Description:  Come and move in before your classmates and then spend three days canoeing St. Regis Lake. Will and Troy will lead an adventure for all ranges of skill level. You will spend 50% of the time canoeing and 100% of your time having fun. Expect better than mediocre cooking and some of the best card games. On this trip, you will paddle through the ONLY primitive canoe area in the Adirondacks. Regardless of what happens the trip will still be better than hiking, I guarantee it.

Trip 2: Saranac Seminar
Leaders: Kyle Stone, Remington Little
Difficulty: Moderate Canoeing
Day 1: Paddle from drop off point through the Upper Saranac Lake region arriving early to our Lean-to to set up camp and eat dinner.  
Day 2: Be prepared to carry the boats and gear a short distance today as we have to pass between Upper and Middle Saranac. Paddle north to the Northway Lean-to while exploring the Middle Saranac Lake Region.
Day 3: Paddle to the Kiwassa Lean-to going past the boat launch on Route 3 and exploring the region further. Today we will pass through various locks located on Middle and Lower Saranac Lake.
Day 4: Paddle through another lock and end up at the public boat launch in downtown Saranac Lake.
Description: Spend four days exploring the Saranac Lake chain with two pretty awesome tour guides. The food will be great, the company will be impeccable, and the memories will be endless. There is no better way to start off your college career. Who knows, maybe bacon and eggs will make an appearance for breakfast. And if that doesn't make up your mind, we don't know what will.

Trip 3:  Sunny Saranac
Leaders: Dylan Gilgalon, Owen Curry
Difficulty: Difficult Canoeing
Day 1Paddle Lake Flower/Oseetah/Second pond all the way to the end of First Pond.
Day 2Spend the day paddling through Lower Saranac Lake/Middle Saranac Lake to the campsite.
Day 3Paddle Middle Saranac Lake to the Hungry Bay Weller Pond Portage. From this we will travel to Saginaw Bay of Upper Saranac Lake and paddle to the campsite for the night.
Day 4Paddling all of Upper Saranac Lake to the pick up point on the north side of the lake.
DescriptionWe will be taking scenic a paddle through one of the most beautiful parts of the Adirondaks on our trip. We will start on Lake Flower, and work through Lower, Middle and Upper Saranac Lake. We will be camping at sites throughout the lakes. Highlights of the trip will include cliff jumping, chillin' on the beach, and a lock. The trip is of moderate length and includes one carry, which paddlers should be ready for.

Trip 4: Gallivanting Around the Ausable
Leaders: Nicole Zaino, Brian Chrzan
Difficulty: Easy Hiking
Day 1: Hike in to Indian head and watch the sunset.
Day 2: Hike Sawteeth and possibly Pyramid and Gothics. Three amazing mountians!
Day 3: Hike Colvin and Blake. Be ready to have two more high peaks under your belt after today is over!
Day 4:  Pack out to the Ausable Club and Wait to head back to school to start your college careers.
Description: Come explore with Brian and Nicole! If you join us you will see spectacular sunsets, majestic mountains, and lovable leaders. On this trip we will camp near the amazing Indian Head and hike 3-4 high peaks; Sawteeth, Gothics, Colvin, and Blake. This is a easy/moderate trip but don’t be scared; you will be in great hands. When not on the trail you will enjoy card games, many laughs, and new friends.

Trip 5:  The Yellow Leaf Road
Leaders: Cole Oshiro-Leavitt, Cassie Wells
Difficulty: Easy Hiking
Day 1Hike in from the ADK Loj to the Avalanche Lean to and set up camp for the night. A great dinner can be expected.
Day 2Hike through Avalanche lake and possibly swim. We will also hike some, choosing from Marcy/Grey/Cliff/Redfield/Colden and come back to the same site for the night.
Day 3Spend the day with an easy hike back to the Avalanche Lean to for the night.
Day 4Pack out to the ADK Loj and if time swim in Heart Lake.
DescriptionRight off the bat we will be doing about 6 miles, past Marcy Dam and Lake Arnold to Feldspar lean-to. The next day we have options! We can choose to hike any of the mountains in the area or just spend the day swimming in the Opalescent River. The next night we will hike through beautiful Avalanche Pass possible stopping to swim in Lake Colden or Avalanche Lake and then staying in one of the lean-tos on the other side of the pass. On the last morning we will hike the short distance back out to the Loj where we will meet up with other groups to brag about how much better our trip was. Then we can swim in Heart lake or climb Mt. Jo before the bus comes to bring us back to Clarkson. This trip is super flexible and the only thing you need to prepare is some comfy boots and a good attitude.

Trip 6: Extreme Gardening 2
Leaders: Adam Graham, Andrew Toman
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1:  Pack in roughly 4 miles starting from the Garden Trailhead in Keene Valley. Set up camp upon arrival. If group morale permits, hike Big Slide for dinner/sunset.
Day 2: Wake up, throw on swim trunks and head down towards John's Brook. We will spend the day rock hopping from swimming hole to swimming hole, eventually finding ourselves at a well kept secret of a swimming spot that has a natural water slide.  
Day 3: Our itinerary today is completely flexible and dependent upon group ability and interest. Some the potential High Peaks that we could hike include: Marcy (the tallest in NY), Skylight, Gray, Haystack, Basin, Saddleback, Gothics, Armstrong, Upper Wolfjaw, and Lower Wolfjaw (to name just a few).
Day 4: Pack up camp early and hike out the same way that we came. This time, however, we will not be meeting the bus at The Garden. We will be picked up by the bus after a scrumptious breakfast at the famous Noonmark Diner.
Description: For their senior year, trip leaders extraordinare Adam and Andrew are leading their dream trip. Consisting of a day of swimming and a day of summiting peaks, this trip was forged with flexibility in mind. If you are coming on this trip prepare to laugh a lot, enjoy wonderful company, and learn a lot about the Adirondacks. We'll make your last week of summer very much worth while! Also, we are getting pie from Noonmark Diner. Have you signed up yet?

Trip 7: The Search for Yogi
Leaders: Michael Coelho, Tanner Burt
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Start our trip out with a Hike in 6.7 miles from the ADK Loj to our first Feldspar Lean to. We will spend the rest of the day setting up our base camp here.
Day 2: Hike 5 miles round trip up Skylight and Gray. After today we will have summited two of the Adirondacks high peaks.
Day 3: Hike a 4.6 mile round trip up to Mount Marcy. Then we will pick up our gear at the leanto and move to Lake Arnold. At the end of today we will have been to the top of New Yorks highest peak!
Day 4: Hike out to the ADK Loj from Lake Arnold and await our ride back to Clarkson.
Description: Come spend four awesome days with two dudes exploring the wondrous Adirondack High Peaks. The food will be edible and the company tolerable. This moderate hiking trip will offer some of the most awe-inspiring views of mountains. So come start your college career with a great backpacking trip! Where we will see trees, mountains, rocks, leaves, water, and possibly Yogi Bear! Ay Boo Boo! Note: We are not actually looking for any bears, but hey, if we happen to find Yogi, at least we can get a picnic basket!

Trip 8: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
Leaders: David Desmond, Matthew Dyer
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Spend the day hiking the Ausable club inner trails before setting up camp for the night.
Day 2: Visit the famous waterfalls and spend the day exploring the beautiful scenery.
Day 3: Hike one or both of the Wolfjaws depending on how the group feels and the weather. Either way were in for a interesting day of hiking.
Day 4: Pack up camp and hike out to the garden where we will be picked up before heading back to school.
Description: Back by popular demand the choose your own adventure styling of Matt Dyer will be taken to a whole new level with additional challenge of splashing around in as many waterfalls, streams, lakes, ponds and puddles as possible. This trip is sure to include great food, great friends, a few surprises, and if you choose, some high peaks. But you wouldn't expect anything less from what is sure to be the best Pre-O trip this side of the Mississippi!

Trip 9: Howling in the Moonlight
Leaders: Sonja Gagen, Katie Dunn
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Pack in from the Garden over Big Slide and then set up camp at Klondike Lean-to for the night and make an amazing dinner!
Day 2: Leave from JBL Lean to and day hike Haystack and Marcy (and maybe Skylight). After today you will have been to the highest point in New York State.
Day 3: Day hike from JBL Lean-to to Gothics, Armstrong, and Upper and Lower Wolfjaw. Then return back to the JBL Lean-to. Bagging four high peaks in one day!
Day 4: Hike out from the JBL Lean-to to the Noonmark Diner for pie!
Description: Join Katie and Sonja to explore the Great Range! We will begin by packing in from the Garden trailhead over Big Slide and spend the afternoon setting up a base camp at the John Brook’s Lean-tos. We plan to soak up what remains of the moon light the next day as we summit Skylight and Haystack mountains. For our third day we will hike Armstrong, Lower and Upper Wolfjaw (and potentially Gothics depending on how sore our paws are). Finally, on our last day we will pack out through the Garden and feast on some pie at Noonmark’s Diner. Come join our wolfpack for some challenging climbs and spectacular views!

Trip 10: I Wanna Hike Wright Now
Leaders: Patrick Conlon, Meghan Voorhees
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Hike to the flowed lands, set up camp, then hike Cliff Mountain if there is time left in the day.
Day 2: Hike up either Iroquois and Algonquin or Colden depending on the adventure level of the group.
Day 3: Either full pack over Marcy, then pass by Indian-falls before going to the Marcy Dam area.
Day 4: Exit to the lodge.
Description: Join Patrick and Meghan on a trip of a lifetime. Get four days of non-stop hiking action in one of the most beautiful areas in the Northeast! Start out with a long full pack into the flowed lands, traveling between avalanche pass and the highest mountains in New York State. Set up camp at a lean-to, then eat dinner and relax for the rest of the day. Next morning hit up the Macintyres, tagging Iroquois, Algonquin, and Wright and enjoying the day with some awesome views. On day three we will be full packing from the flowed lands up to Grey, Skylight and then full packing over Marcy, the highest peak in New York. After that, we will cruise out to Marcy Dam, spend the night there and get some rest after a killer leg day, then full-pack out to the bus the next morning. On this trip we will have the potential to hit up six of the 46 high peaks and some of the most beautiful scenery in the ADK. Warning: This trip involves a stupid amount of miles, a ridiculous amount of vertical, and a lot of singing and nonsense. If you are not in good shape or have no hiking experience, this trip is not for you... Meghan really wants to hike and will stop at nothing (except trail mix breaks) to achieve her goals.

Trip 11: Top Rope Tough Guyz
Leaders: Adam Haskin, Dan Jaremczuk, Mark Zibinski
Difficulty: Moderate Climbing
Day 1: Setup camp and if time and morale permits climb at first lead slab.
Day 2: Go climb at Beer Walls. This is some of the most fun and exciting rock climbing in the Adirondacks.
Day 3: Go climbs those rocks at Jewels and Jems. Once again, this is amazing rock climbing spot that will surely make for an amazing day!
Day 4: Pack up camp and wait to be picked up and head back to school.
Description: So who is ready to spend the first week at Clarkson rock climbing with the Outing Club’s finest guys? Sounds like a deal to me!! You will be able to climb at some of the most iconic crags throughout the Adirondacks with a short Ukrainian kid, a guy that overclocks computers, and a guy who just loves rocks. We will be staying near Chapel Pond, and it will pretty much be a car camping trip. Your guides are all NOLS alumni, WFR certified, and professional amateurs. Make sure you leave enough room in your bag for your sense of adventure, and get stoked to climb with the Top Rope Tough Guyz!

Trip 12: Climbing Chairs and Other
Leaders: Miles Miller, Jacob Brown, Nolan Huther
Difficulty: Moderate Climbing
Day 1: Setup camp and climb at Jewels and Gems, some of the Adirondacks most fun rock.
Day 2: Climb at Upper Beer Walls, another of the gorgeous rock climbing sopts in the Adirondacks that never disappoints.
Day 3: Climb at Lower Beer Walls.
Day 4: Pack up camp and hang out at the pond until we get picked up and head back to Clarkson.
Description: Interested in rock climbing? Keene on adventuring? Join us on this trip and we'll help you learn the basics. We will be climbing at various crags in Keene Valley throughout the trip. The three guides have training in first aid and lots of climbing experience. There will be a variety of routes for all skill levels. Some outdoor experience is preferred.

Trip FAQs

Meet Your Trip Leaders

 Adam Graham   

Name: Adam Graham
About me: Hey friends! My name is Adam and I am the happiest person in the outing club (three years running). Hiking is my favorite thing, but I also love to ski, climb, play with my dogs, do yoga, run, kayak, slackline, swim, play with other people's dogs, and just have fun outdoors whether it's hot or cold out. As a certified class clown and Wilderness First Responder; safety in and enjoyment of the beautiful Adirondack Park will go hand-in-hand on my trip through the heart of the Dacks.
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2017

Adam Haskin

Name: Adam Haskin
About me: Hey y'all, I'm Adam and I'm from Alabama. When I'm not wrestling hogs or eating some of Momma's good home cooking, odds are I'm enjoying me some of that great outdoors. I enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, biking, and overclocking computers. We're going to have us one rootin' tootin' time on our rock climbing trip this year. Prepare for lots of laughs, good cooking, and expert knowledge on how to maneuver your way up a crag. See you in August! Roll Tide!

Major: 2018
Class year: Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Toman

Name: Andrew Toman
About me: Hey there! My name is Andrew and I am a senior Environmental Engineering major from York, PA. York doesn't exactly have a large outdoorsy scene, but I somehow managed to gain a passion and strong understanding of outdoor activities such as backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, canoeing, and fishing. This will be the third and final year leading a trip and I'm willing to bet that I am more excited than you. Don't fret about being in a new environment, I have been guiding trips for years now and am extremely comfortable backpacking in the Adirondacks. Two goofy roommates leading a trip together, what could possibly go wrong?!
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2017

Brian Chrzan

Name: Brian Chrzan
About me: I'm a junior mechanical engineering major and biomedical engineering minor here at Clarkson. As a 46er, National Outdoor Leadership School graduate, and Wilderness First Responder, I have spent a fair amount of time outside. I enjoy playing heated board games as well as training for the Clarkson Nordic ski and cross country teams. When I find free time, I rock climb and hike in the Adirondacks. I look forward to leading an exciting trip into the great outdoors and sharing my passion for the wilderness with you.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Cassie Wells Lumbrazo

Name: Cassie Wells Lumbrazo
About me: Hello, my lovelies! My name is Cassie, I have two last names and double the energy to go with it. I am a Junior from Middletown, NY currently studying Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Our entire trip is just a cover for me to play with other people's dogs. I am a backpacking, snowboarding, winter loving version of Rapunzel. Don't get me wrong though, there is nothing better than the summit of a mountain in the summer. I look forward to a few days in the woods with no showers and all smiles.
Major: Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Class year: 2018

Cole Oshiro-Leavitt

Name: Cole Oshiro-Leavitt
About me: My name is Cole Oshiro-Leavitt and I am a sophomore mechanical engineering student. I live to wake up on powder days to get first chair and then brag about it to everyone. Same goes for groomer days, corn days, rock days, really any day when you can wake up with all your friends and go out and get rad. Some other relevant details: I am an Eagle scout, I worked at a ski shop, I was a backcountry canoe guide in the North Maine Woods, I have my Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross Lifeguard, and an expired Maine Trek Leaders permit.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2019

Dan Jaremczuk

Name: Danylo Jaremczuk
About me: Whats up y’all… That’s right! I’m from Manhattan and I just said y’all… Nothing much you say? Well that’s all about to change because PRE-O Trips are right around the corner. Some people call me Dan, others Danylo, others Danyloupe the Cantaloupe!!! But mainly, people just stick with Dan the Man. Why, you might ask? Boy, do you have a lot of questions today! Well you’re just going to have to find out the hard way, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re going on a road trip. So pack your bags, bring yourselves, and meet me somewhere eventually! Oh yea my bio: rock/ice climb, park/backcountry ski, kayak/canoe, bike, and hiking. I guess I do just about everything outdoors.
Major: Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Dave Desmond

Name: David Desmond
About me: When Dave was an infant, his explorer parents were killed by a vicious jaguar. He was adopted by a band of gorillas who raised him as one of their own. All but his adopted father who disapproved of Dave. In order to gain the approval of his father Dave has spent his life becoming one with nature, learning to live in harmony with all creatures large and small. He is always excited to show his world to incoming Clarkson Freshmen by leading amazing trips out into nature. When he isn't swinging on vines or diving off waterfalls Dave can be found studying Aeronautical Engineering and pondering life and physics. His outdoor training and experience are nothing to shake a trekking pole at either. This kid has been places ya know? I mean he was raised by gorillas!
Major: Aeronautical Engineer
Class year: 2017

Dylan Gilgallon

Name: Dylan Gilgallon
About me: I dabble in all sorts of outdoor activities from hiking and canoeing to sailing and extreme hammocking. I love all of these things but nothing matches my love of single track mountain biking. You can always find me out on the trails at Clarkson, at least until it snows and I go on the search for the elusive East Coast Pow. Anyway, I'm going to take a break from these things for a week and lead the best canoe trip ever. Its going to be a great time!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Jake Brown

Name: Jacob Brown
About me: Looking for a rockin' good time? Come on an adventure with me and I'll show you the ropes. Looking for love, I joined CUOC freshman year. Instead of love, however, I found adventures, lifelong memories, and friendship. After previously finding my passion for climbing through poledancing, I became heavily involved in rock climbing and ice climbing with the club. I worked as a climbing instructor at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in the summer of 2014 where I continued to learn more about climbing and safety. I have spent many weekends climbing in the Adirondacks as well as Rumney, Red River Gorge, and New River Gorge. Other hobbies and interests include guitar, running for fun, swimming, and competitive hammocking.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Katie Dunn

Name: Katie Dunn
About me: I’ve been hiking, backpacking, skiing and adventuring in the Adirondack High Peaks for about twelve years! In addition to being involved with the Outing Club, I am a captain of Clarkson’s Nordic Ski Team, I row for the Crew team, and I conduct research using lasers for underwater imaging. I also love studying German. Last summer I did research at an optics lab in Germany and took the opportunity to hike in the Alps. I’m really looking forward to leading another pre-o trip, so come join us!
Major: Electrical Engineering and Physics
Class Year: 2017

Kyle Stone

Name: Kyle Stone
About me: Howdy guys and gals, my name’s Kyle and I am a junior Environmental Engineering student here at Clarkson. I am from Bristol, NY and I love spending just about every second of my free time outside. I hike, I ski, I canoe, I hunt, I fish, I eat trail mix and sunflower seeds, I solve large mathematical equations, I’m lactose intolerant, and I foster freshman friendships. As for important qualifications, I am a Wilderness First Responder and I am currently the Outing Club Vice President.
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2018

Mark Zibinski

Name: Mark Zibinski
About me: I love sports. I love to snowboard, hike, canoe and climb. I am from West Chester, PA. I worked as a belayer for the Philadelphia Rock Gym, where I learned how to make new climbers feel safe and secure on the wall. Other random certifications I have acquired over the years are as follows: I am an Eagle Scout (that counts for something right?), CPR, professional amateur, Wilderness First Responder, and most importantly SCUBA for all the underwater climbs!! So, are you ready to have a rockin’ time climbing and extreme hammocking with three of CUOC’s finest guys?
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2018

Matthew Dyer

Name: Matthew Dyer
About me: Hi! I’m a senior here at Clarkson studying underwater basket weaving with a minor in sports. What sports you ask? ALL of them. I can run really fast, do a tail whip on a scooter and have attempted to fit my entire fist on my mouth on multiple occasions. I have significant experience in the outdoors from being in the Boy Scouts and in the Adirondacks specifically from my time at Clarkson and growing up in its foothills.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Meghan Vorhees

Name: Meghan Voorhees
About me: Hi everyone! I'm Meghan Voorhees and I'm a junior Chemical Engineering Major. I love hiking more than I love running... and I really love running! I'm halfway to becoming a 46er, which is one of my biggest goals to accomplish before I graduate. Other fun facts: 1. I eat so many nuts that peanut butter runs through my veins. 2. I'm a professional ice cream scooper (and eater). 3. I love chemistry and life and laughter and happiness. Pre-O was one of my favorite parts of freshman year, and I want to make it just as fun for whoever signs up for my trip! I can't wait to meet all of you, we're going to start our year off right and have a blast!
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Michael Coelho

Name: Michael Coelho
About me: Hi! I’m Michael! I’m a junior Aeronautical Engineering student here at Clarkson. I grew up in Pittsfield, MA hiking and exploring all the great trails in the region. I have been involved in scouting for years. I love to ski, stare at the stars, hike, climbing random things, and to explore nature. I may or may not have a very short attention span when it comes to hiking, but hey that usually means I will find something really cool! If you want to go on a fantastic trip where we will explore the beautiful Adirondacks and have a great time, then I’m the guy you want!
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Class year:2018

Miles Miller

Name: Miles Miller
About me: My favorite thing to do outdoors is go climbing. I've been climbing for about 10 years, almost half my life. I've climbed extensively indoors and outdoors. I've climbed all over in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Kentucky, New York, and New Mexico. I've been one of the climbing chairs in CUOC for the last three elections. During the last two summers and winters I worked at Boston Rock Gym in Woburn, Massachusetts where I was responsible for the safety of climbers ages 5 and up. I've got a ton of experience with getting new climbers feeling safe and comfortable on the wall.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Nicole Zaino

Name: Nicole Zaino
About me: Hello, I’m Nicole! I’m a junior Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I’m a bubbly hiker from Connecticut and spent my youth enjoying the outdoors with my family and Girl Scout troop. I have fallen in love with the Adirondacks since coming to Clarkson and I hope you do too. I enjoy hiking all seasons, biking, skiing, hammocking, and try anything else that us crazy CUOCer’s do on the weekends. Come on my trip because why would you not want to watch the sunset at one of the coolest places in the whole Adirondack Park that many people miss?
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018

Nolan Huther

Name: Nolan Huther
About me: Hi all! I'm Nolan Huther, Class of 2019, and a Mechanical Engineering major from Utica, New York. I'm also the Outing Club Media Chair (follow us on Instagram!). I love all sorts of climbing, but I also love to do all sorts of outdoorsy things too. I am an Adirondack 46'er, and enjoy to occasionally go caving or kayaking or just bushwhack to some random peak or pond. The summer before I came to Clarkson I was just introduced to climbing, now I go to the indoor climbing gyms after classes and fill my weekends with rock or ice climbing, as can be seen by my test scores. The best parts of our Pre-O trip will be the rad sending of climbs and Miles' sassiness.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2019

Owen Curry

Name: Owen Curry
About me: Hey y'all! I'm a sophomore Electrical Engineer from Gloucester, Virginia which is right in-between nothing and nowhere. I spent my childhood climbing and rafting in the New River Gorge of West Virginia along with canoeing on the Shenandoah. I've also spent two weeks rafting down the Colorado River and two days hiking the Inca trail in Sacred Valley Peru. Out of all of these canoeing has been my favorite. My pre-o trip last year was one of my favorite parts of freshman year.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2019

Patrick Conlon

Name: Patrick Conlon
About me: My name is Patrick. Quick disclaimer; my name is not Pat, it is not Rick, and I am not a Krusty Krab. Now that that part is out of the way, a little more about myself. I am a senior Mechanical Engineer that enjoys solving ugly equations. To be honest with you, I'll pretty much do anything outdoors for a good time. I'm an avid hiker and backcountry skier, but I also dabble in rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, and backcountry swimming. In general, I am just an adventurer looking for the next thrill. I am really looking forward to this awesome adventure before school starts.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2017

Remington Little

Name: Remington Little
About me: Hey folks! My name is Remington. I’m from South Jersey and am a mechanical engineer. The outdoors are pretty neat. I hunt, fish, canoe, ski, and occasionally hike. When I’m not doing any of those, I am either at a shooting competition or carving spoons. I am an Eagle Scout and am a certified Wilderness First Responder. I’m even one of CUOC’s fishing chairs. Canoeing is my favorite way to traverse wilderness and have canoed roughly 200 miles throughout the Northeast. I can’t think of a better way to start college than canoeing the ‘Dacks, canoe?? (read as ‘can-you’) Joke creds – Mark Z
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Year: 2019

Sonja Gagen

Name: Sonja Gagen
About me: Bonjour! My name is Sonja, and I am a junior studying environmental engineering. I love hiking, biking, skiing and doing yoga! I also Alpine Ski Race for Clarkson. But ultimately, my favorite outdoor activity is doing headstands on the top of mountains! If you like hiking fast, learning miscellaneous ecology facts during rest breaks, and being greeted by strange sounds instead of words, then I will be the trip leader who brings the yin to your yang! Plus, I promise to fill your ears, mouths and bellies with wild edible plants! Did anyone say dandelion roots?! Join me for a adventurous trek in the woods!
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2018

Tanner Burt

Name: Tanner Burt
About me: Hi all, my name is Tanner and I am a junior Civil Engineering major here at Clarkson. Although I grew up in New York and was a few hours south of the Adirondacks, I never experienced this amazing place until I came to Clarkson and went on a pre-orientation trip. Hey, maybe the same will happen to you! Since then I have participated in numerous trips and have continued to gain knowledge about the outdoors. In my free time I enjoy running, cycling, swimming and reading. So come hike with me! And hopefully your first Clarkson experience will be as awesome as mine was!
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2018

Troy Bates

Name: Troy Bates
About me: Have you ever wrestled a three ton grizzly bear? Well, neither have I. But I was born in Tannersville, NY, I grew up in the heart of the Catskills. I am an avid skiier and hammocker, recreational canoer, hiker, and climber. This is my second pre-O trip, so I guess you could say I’m an expert. See you at Clarkson!
Major: Computer Engineering
Class year: 2017

Will Callanan

Name: Will Callanan
About me:  I grew up in a hamlet outside Rochester New York. Being in Scouts took me on many outdoor adventures including spending two weeks in the New Mexican Backcountry. In the winter I enjoy skiing which I have continued to do here at Clarkson. I am Outing Clubs Webmaster and Whitewater Kayaking chair. I am a Wilderness First Responder as well as an Eagle Scout so I have plenty of first aid knowledge.
Major: Computer and Electrical Engineering
Class year: 2017

HOW TO APPLY: Sign-ups for pre-orientation trips happen from April 15 to July 15. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at  

CUOC Pre-Orientation Trip Travel Policy and Release, Consent, and Waiver Form

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Mini Orientations: A mini-orientation on Monday, August 21st is available for families of students who are participating in pre-orientation trips.  This session is held for your family’s convenience so two trips to Potsdam for Orientation events are not necessary. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature and location of many of these trips it is direly important that you bring any medication that you could possibly need on your trip. This is even more important to students with conditions such as asthma or allergies to bee stings. If you have ever needed an inhaler, BRING IT, if you have any reason to need an Epi-pen, BRING ATLEAST ONE, we cannot provide this type of medication. If for any reason you normally wear a medical alert bracelet due to drug allergies you MUST wear it the WHOLE trip. Please come prepared with all medications you could need, and inform your leader personally of any possible medical complications you may have.

Top 5 reasons to go on a pre-Orientation trip:
5) Get an awesome T-Shirt.
4) Move in early (get all the good stuff in the room).
3) Have fun in the ‘Dacks and get settled before work sets in.
2) Meet interesting people and make new friends even before classes start.
1) Become part of the coolest club on campus!

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