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Parent/Family Orientation

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Welcome to the Clarkson family! Parent and family orientation will educate you about your student's transition to college and life at Clarkson. Please join us on Friday and Saturday, August 21st and 22nd! St. Lawrence County and lodging information can be found at

Read the Parent & Family Guide to the First Year at Clarkson
Looking for a comprehensive guide to the Clarkson experience? For information about your student's living on-campus, getting involved at Clarkson, and much more, please check out our Parent & Family Guide to the First Year at Clarkson or download the PDF!

Arriving to Campus
Before arriving to campus, please make note of your student's housing assignment. Click on the map below to see the entrance to which you will be directed upon your arrival to Clarkson. Please note that students who have not paid their tuition balance or turned in their immunization forms will be redirected to the Educational Resources Center (ERC) before being permitted to move into their residence hall.
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Parent and Family Orientation 2015: More Information Coming Soon!
To get an idea of what Orientation 2015 may look like, you may view the Parent & Family Orientation Schedule from 2014!

If your student is participating in Springboard (math refresher), or a Pre-Orientation Trip, a mini-orientation session will be held for your convenience on your designated arrival day.  This is so you will not have to make a second trip to Potsdam for the larger orientation experience if it is not convenient for you.

Look Me in the Eye

The 2015 common book is Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison. Check back soon for information on the 2015 Convocation speaker! All first-year students are required to read the common book before attending Orientation.

Read the Parent & Family Guide to the First Year at Clarkson to find out what to expect in your student's first year!