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Clarkson U., Union Graduate College Explore Merger
Inside Higher Ed | 03-03-2015

2 New York Colleges Discuss Merging Graduate Programs
The Ticker - The Chronicle of Higher Education | 03-02-2015

Clarkson University Mulls Merger With Union Graduate College
WWNY TV 7 | 03-02-2015

Union Graduate College, Clarkson grad programs explore merger
Times Union | 03-02-2015

Union Graduate College to explore merger with Clarkson University
Albany Business News | 03-02-2015

Proteins In Saliva May Help Diagnose Autism | 02-28-2015

Clarkson University to test, monitor Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge
The Central New York Business Journal | 02-23-2015

Tony Collins: A bold Internet investment
Watertown Daily Times | 02-23-2015
In his State of the State and budget address, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a bold plan for every New Yorker to have Internet access with at least 100 Mbps service by 2019. Achieving this high-speed access to the information highway will bring a competitive advantage to our educational institutions, entrepreneurs and businesses across New York. And it meets the minimum speed to drive economic growth and jobs, according to a 2014 survey of economic developers.

Biological test for autism may be possible
Autism Daily Newscast | 02-21-2015
A new study published in the journal Autism Research shows that children on the autism spectrum have different saliva then children who are not. Conducted at Clarkson University and SUNY Plattsburgh and led by Clarkson University doctoral candidate Armand Gatien ...

New Technology Could Preserve Ogdensburg Bridge For Future
TWC News | 02-19-2015
Clarkson University and the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority agreed ... are taking the next steps to maintain this bridge.

Immunoengineering: A potential key to fighting bacteria infections
Becker's Hospital Review | 02-19-2015

Ogdensburg-Prescott bridge to be monitored by Clarkson University
Bridge Design & Engineering | 02-19-2015

Study: Saliva Test Could Help Diagnose Children with Autism
Voice of America | 02-18-2015

Combating Bacterial Infections Through Immunoengineering
Infection Control Today | 02-18-2015

Combating Bacterial Infections Through Immunoengineering
e! Science News | 02-17-2015

North Country businesses in Clarkson University led 'Innovation Hot Spot' could benefit from grant awards announced by Cuomo
North Country Now | 02-17-2015

Saliva Test Shows Promise For Diagnosing Autism
Disability Scoop | 02-17-2015

Researchers may develop saliva test to diagnose autism
Science Daily | 02-16-2015

State awards CenterState CEO $1.5 million for Grants for Growth program
The Central New York Business Journal | 02-12-2015

Cuomo Admin awards $5 million for upstate high-techs
Times Union Blogs | 02-12-2015

Protein Saliva Test Diagnoses Autism
Labmedica | 02-12-2015

Ranking the 50 most 'underrated' colleges in the U.S.
USA Today College | 02-10-2015

'Teddy Bear Toss' Helps Young Patients
WWNY TV 7 | 02-06-2015

Local Jazz Band Release New Album
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 02-06-2015

Herbal Supplements Without Herbs
New York Times | 02-06-2015
...tests were carried out by an expert on DNA barcoding, James Schulte II, an associate professor of biology at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., ...

Clarkson researchers in Potsdam say saliva may help diagnose autism
North Country Now | 02-04-2015

NNY college researchers publish study reporting saliva may help diagnose autism in infants
Watertown Daily Times | 02-04-2015
With the publication of a new study, a saliva test one day may provide a way to diagnose autism early in children. The study, which appeared in the Jan. 27 issue of Autism Research, is the first showing that protein levels in the saliva of children with autism spectrum disorder differ from those without it, according to a Clarkson University news release Monday.

Small grids, large plans
Times Union | 02-03-2015

Clarkson professor to be featured on 'The Forgotten Plague,' a national PBS-TV show about tuberculosis airing Feb. 10
North Country Now | 02-03-2015

Ginseng or a rice filler? Major retailers sell fraudulent supplements
The Christian Science Monitor | 02-03-2015

Clarkson, SUNY Plattsburgh Researchers: Saliva Could Help Diagnose Autism | 02-03-2015

Cease-And-Desist Orders Hit Walmart, Walgreens And Others For Herbal Supplement Sales | 02-03-2015

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Targets Popular Herbal Supplements
NBC New York | 02-03-2015

Massena, Potsdam, Norwood and Clifton-Fine community leaders honored with NY Senate's Liberty Medal
North Country Now | 02-02-2015

Clarkson University named among 10 most underrated colleges in America by Business Insider
North Country Now | 02-02-2015

Clarkson's Prof. Babu receives 30th patent
North Country Now | 02-01-2015

Liberty Medals awarded during ceremony at Clarkson University
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 02-01-2015

Sen. Griffo to honor well-known restaurateurs from Massena, Potsdam and community leaders from Wanakena, Norwood
North Country Now | 01-30-2015

Can a saliva test diagnose autism?
Medical News Today | 01-30-2015

Stefanik tours SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson, discusses future challenges with officials
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 01-30-2015

Trudeau-Clarkson teamwork included in Stefanik's college tour
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 01-30-2015

Clarkson University named a 'National Model Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship Education'
North Country Now | 01-29-2015

Clarkson, Trudeau team up for report
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 01-28-2015

Clarkson University and Trudeau Institute Combat Bacterial Infections
Time Warner Cable News | 01-27-2015
Timothy Sellati, Trudeau Associate Member and Clarkson Adjunct Professor, is one of the team members researching these bacteria to find a new way to fight them.

Clarkson's Anthony G. Collins appointed to panel to review redesigns to JFK, LaGuardia
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 01-27-2015

Clarkson's president appointed to help review plans for NYC's JFK, LaGuardia airport redesigns
North Country Now | 01-26-2015

Tribeca's river center puts its trust in Clarkson
Downtown Express | 01-22-2015
The Hudson River Park Trust has announced the consortium that will operate and run the "estuarium" with upstate Clarkson University taking the lead.

A River Study Center Can Finally Be Planned for Tribeca's Pier 26
Tribeca Trib | 01-20-2015

Potsdam, N.Y., tries to 'island' itself to avoid storm-driven power outages
Environment & Energy Publishing | 01-20-2015

Study claims Potsdam's Clarkson University has $327 million impact on local economy
North Country Now | 01-19-2015

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