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Clarkson University partnering with Sierra College
The Press Tribune | 03-03-2014

Clarkson University to Bring New Higher Education Options to California's Placer County Region
Newswise | 03-03-2014

Clarkson engineers designing a faster luge sled
North Country Public Radio | 02-25-2014

Clarkson business professor honored for volume of research
North Country Now | 02-22-2014

Clarkson University's Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department to upgrade lab with $25,000 grant
North Country Now | 02-19-2014

Colton-Pierrepont Central School partners with Clarkson for safe internet course
North Country Now | 02-18-2014

Clarkson physician assistant program donates stuffed animals to Ogdensburg, Massena and Canton-Potsdam hospitals
North Country Now | 02-18-2014

Clarkson researchers develop new way to personalize medicine
North Country Now | 02-17-2014

Clarkson major recipient of biomass fuel state grants
Watertown Daily Times | 02-17-2014
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that $3 million has been awarded to 18 research institutions, technology developers and biomass-fuel businesses

Clarkson University scientist to visit Kenya to promote cleaner, safer cooking stoves
North Country Now | 02-17-2014

Clarkson makes some campus housing units 'smart' to increase usage awareness among students
North Country Now | 02-16-2014

North Country Regional Economic Development Council has first meeting in 2014 to prepare for 4th round of competitive funding awards
North Country Now | 02-15-2014

$3M in wood-fired heating aid
Times Union | 02-14-2014

Cutting-Edge Technology You Can Spot at the Sochi Olympics
Discover Magazine Blogs | 02-13-2014

A better way to board
6PR882 News Talk | 02-11-2014
The great frustrations of watching the sometimes seemingly fruitless quest by airline passengers to find a spot for their carry on luggage may have been cracked.

Clarkson professors aim for perfect sled for 2018 Olympic luge team
Watertown Daily Times | 02-11-2014
For the Olympic athletes clinging to a tiny piece of steel and plastic while hurtling down an icy slope at nearly 90 miles per hour, a fraction of a second

Hvordan boarder man hurtigst et fly?
Ekstra Bladet | 02-10-2014

Home grown
Watertown Daily Times | 02-10-2014
During the 2014 Economic Forecast held Jan. 29, Anthony G. Collins made a startling observation. Mr. Collins is president of Clarkson University in Potsdam and co-chairman of the North Country Regional Economic Development Council.

By the bag: a faster way to board planes
The Sydney Morning Herald | 02-09-2014

Clarkson University researchers designing next generation of sleds for USA Luge
North Country Now | 02-08-2014

Clarkson Profs Design Luge For Next Olympics
WWNY TV 7 | 02-07-2014

Clarkson University Researchers Design Next Generation of Sleds for USA Luge | 02-07-2014

Clarkson student discovers wastewater lagoon potential as fuel source
Watertown Daily Times | 02-05-2014
The village's 8.5-acre wastewater treatment lagoons could be a biofuel source, thanks to millions of tiny creatures that are what they eat. The discovery was made by Stephanie A. Kring, a Clarkson University doctoral student studying environmental science and engineering.

Clarkson University professor honored by AAUW-St. Lawrence County as 2013 Agent of Change
North Country Now | 02-04-2014

Researchers Look At Turning Wastewater Into Energy
WWNY TV 7 | 02-03-2014

Clarkson University professor helps to write encyclopedia
North Country Now | 02-03-2014

Web portal connects Adirondack dots [The Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, N.Y. :: ]
Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek | 02-03-2014

Clarkson University Science Olympiad gives students hands-on science exposure
Watertown Daily Times | 02-02-2014
Heads were ducking as small balsa wood airplanes glided through the air Saturday in the Student Center Forum at Clarkson University.

'Teddy Bear Toss' At Clarkson Benefits Young Patients
WWNY TV 7 | 01-31-2014

Feedback: Local College Endowment Investments Rebound
WWNY TV 7 | 01-30-2014

Clarkson University researchers say wastewater treatment lagoons can serve as energy sources
North Country Now | 01-30-2014

Wastewater lagoons are potential energy source, researchers say
Phys.Org | 01-30-2014

Bennington teen to represent Vermont in Miss International pageant
Bennington Banner | 01-30-2014

Agriculture coined 'bread basket' of north country economy at 2014 Economic Forecast
Watertown Daily Times | 01-30-2014
The agriculture industry might be called the "bread basket" of the north country, because ...

Clarkson University finds biofuel potential in wastewater lagoons
Biofuels Digest | 01-29-2014

The Dirt: Private wetlands best way
Poughkeepsie Journal | 01-18-2014
The following is a Q&A by Terry Platz of Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries of Clarkson University and Tom Langen, Ph.D., an associate professor in the departments of biology and psychology at Clarkson and a member of the faculty for RiverU, a Beacon Institute/Clarkson undergraduate program that runs June 9-27 in Beacon.

Clarkson University again gets 'military-friendly school' nod
North Country Now | 01-17-2014

Die Mathematik des Boardings
Basler Zeitung | 01-17-2014

Clarkson University professor receives distinguished service award for trade, technology, education and communication
North Country Now | 01-17-2014

Understanding Collective Animal Behavior May be in the Eye of the Computer
KFMB-TV CBS-8 | 01-16-2014

Biomarkers leave gender clues at crime scene
Chemistry World - Royal Society of Chemistry | 01-15-2014

Magazine Names Clarkson Military-Friendly School
WWNY TV 7 | 01-14-2014

Clarkson University professor named Egon Matijevic Chair of Chemistry
North Country Now | 01-14-2014

Researchers devise method to speed up plane boarding
YNN | 01-12-2014
When boarding an airplane, people often scramble to find a place to stick their carry-on luggage. It can be frustrating for passengers especially because it slows the boarding process down.

Clarkson Researchers Offer Solution To Airline Boarding Delays
WWNY TV 7 | 01-10-2014

Faster airline boarding? It could be in the bag
CNET News | 01-10-2014

Trent-Led Research Project Awarded $574,000 NSERC Strategic Project Grant
Trent University | 01-09-2014

Skating the new semester off right!
CNN iReport | 01-08-2014

Clarkson University teams with BTEC
Biomass Magazine | 01-08-2014

By distributing luggage evenly across each row, passengers could save a few seconds in boarding time and airlines could save tens of millions of dollars.
Fast Company | 01-08-2014

Faster method of boarding planes devised by Clarkson University researchers
North Country Now | 01-08-2014

Trick to faster boarding? Number of carry-ons
TODAY Show | 01-06-2014
An academic study suggested that airlines could reduce the time it take to board a plane by seating passengers according to the number of carry-on bags each passenger has.

A new idea for faster boarding: by carry-on bag
Chicago Tribune | 01-06-2014

New airline seating plan looks at time wasted stowing carry-on bags
Los Angeles Times | 01-05-2014

Fly the friendly skies
Watertown Daily Times | 01-03-2014
They will make use of the resources from military vendors in Northern New York as well as the technological capabilities of Clarkson University in Potsdam.

St. Lawrence County Arts Council plans Potsdam gallery
Watertown Daily Times | 01-03-2014
A new art gallery in Clarkson University's Old Snell Hall will attract renowned artists from the region, the country and the world

State allocates first $5 million for Trudeau-Clarkson partnership
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 01-03-2014

Gov. Cuomo says $5 milion will benefit Clarkson University and Trudeau Institute biotech partnership
North Country Now | 12-31-2013

NNY To Get Boost From Drone Research
WWNY TV 7 | 12-30-2013

FAA selects Central New York as national test site for drone research | 12-30-2013

Clarkson researchers fighting computer malware, figure out way to separate infected accounts from clean ones
North Country Now | 12-28-2013

Biocomputer decides when to administer drugs
Chemistry World - Royal Society of Chemistry | 12-23-2013

Crime scene chemistry - Analyst articles on Chemistry World 2013
RSC Publishing Blogs | 12-23-2013

Solar project for Seneca County sheriff's department helping NY catch up with other states | 12-22-2013

Military Advanced Education Magazine Releases 2014 Guide to Military-Friendly Colleges and Universities
PRWeb | 12-19-2013

Clarkson researchers wonder how water quality affects property values
North Country Public Radio | 12-18-2013

Measuring the economic impact of B.A.S.S.
Bassmaster | 12-17-2013

North country Innovation Hot Spot plans to launch 50 startups in 2014
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 12-17-2013

Cuomo gets "Santa" welcome in Saranac Lake
North Country Public Radio | 12-16-2013

Arts council, children’s museum receive $92,000 from state
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 12-13-2013

Region chosen as Innovation Hot Spot winner
Press-Republican | 12-12-2013

$81.3 million for the North Country
North Country Public Radio | 12-12-2013

North Country wins $81.3 million in state funds
Watertown Daily Times | 12-12-2013
According to Anthony G. Collins, council co-chairman and president of Clarkson University, Potsdam, the north country's success has come from its focus on a series of small projects rather than a few heavy hitters.

Region Receives Over $80M For Economic Development
WWNY TV 7 | 12-11-2013

Waddington Bassmasters attendees spent $1-$3.3 million in St. Lawrence County in August, survey says
North Country Now | 12-10-2013

Waddington Bassmaster tournament generated millions
Watertown Daily Times | 12-10-2013

Researchers investigate link between water pollution and NY property values
WRVO | 12-09-2013
Researchers from Clarkson University are gearing up to study the impacts of water pollution on property values across 26 counties in upstate New York.

Are wetlands worth it?
CNY - YNN | 12-09-2013

Clarkson lists Project Challenge courses for spring semester
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 12-04-2013

Clarkson professors receive more than $300,000 to study nanoparticles
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 12-01-2013

Clarkson researchers have $165,000 to study North Country water quality
North Country Now | 11-30-2013

Potsdam's Clarkson University gets $300,000 grant to study effects of nanoparticles on humans
North Country Now | 11-29-2013

Great possibilities
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-29-2013

State brings together Trudeau, Clarkson | 11-27-2013

Closing the Skills Gap
The Huffington Post - Blog | 11-26-2013

Newly Tenured ... at Clarkson, Hofstra, U. of Texas San Antonio
Inside Higher Ed | 11-26-2013

Chris Mazdzer Becomes First Luge Athlete Nominated To 2014 U.S. Olympic Team
Teamusa | 11-25-2013

Trudeau Institute-Clarkson Deal is "Opportunity of a Lifetime"
WWNY TV 7 | 11-24-2013

Clarkson engineering students using 'Q-Space' for teamwork
North Country Now | 11-23-2013

Efficient wood pellet burners is goal of research-leading Clarkson University prof
North Country Now | 11-23-2013

Trudeau-Clarkson partnership sounds promising
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 11-23-2013

Clarkson ROTC team races to second place finish at Ranger Challenge
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-22-2013

State Provides Funding for Bio-Tech Partnership
WAMC Northeast Public Radio | 11-22-2013

Clarkson University and Trudeau Institute express hopes over partnership
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-22-2013

Governor Cuomo Makes Adirondack Economic Development Announcements
WAMC Northeast Public Radio | 11-21-2013

North Country Regional Economic Development Council preparing for next round of competition for state aid
North Country Now | 11-21-2013

State, Trudeau Institute, Clarkson sign partnership
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 11-21-2013

Clarkson-Trudeau deal could foster a biotech "cluster"
North Country Public Radio | 11-21-2013

NY backs biomedical research in Adirondacks
Long Island Business News | 11-21-2013

Clarkson theme houses going up quickly
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-21-2013

A Mystery At The Bottom Of The Great Lakes Food Web
Wisconsin Public Radio | 11-20-2013

Whiteface Highway, Trudeau Institute boosted by funding
Press-Republican | 11-20-2013

Cuomo brings big money, big plans to the North Country | 11-20-2013

State forges new partnership between Clarkson and Trudeau Institute
North Country/Tri-Lakes - YNN | 11-20-2013

Cuomo announces a partnership, and a lifeboat for a North Country research center
Capital New York | 11-20-2013

Potsdam's Clarkson U., Lake Placid's Trudeau Institute and state team up for biotech research
North Country Now | 11-20-2013

Cuomo announces Trudeau partnership, Whiteface highway repairs
Adirondack Daily Enterprise | 11-20-2013

Clarkson University Enters Biotech Partnership
WWNY TV 7 | 11-20-2013

State to bankroll Whiteface Highway repair
Press-Republican | 11-20-2013

Dow works to put U.S. luge team on track to Olympic medals
Crain's Detroit Business | 11-20-2013
Kennedy said additional sled design work, in collaboration with Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., is being done on the "pod," the aerodynamic shell that sliders lie on.

Technical FAQ: Bifurcation and high-speed shimmy
VeloNews - Competitive Cycling News | 11-19-2013

Contest Aims for a Cleaner-Burning Wood Stove
New York Times | 11-19-2013
"If you can see it, if you can smell it, that's energy that isn't heating your house," said another judge, Philip K. Hopke, a professor at Clarkson University

Clarkson researchers to investigate pollution’s impact on north country shoreline property values
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-18-2013

Clarkson’s Seale was pioneer in Potsdam
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-17-2013

Clarkson University president Collins speaking at National Governors Association Policy Institute in Chicago today
North Country Now | 11-14-2013

AFCEA Answers - Identity Assurance
Federal News Radio | 11-14-2013
Delving into "next-generation" solutions for identity assurance with Stephanie Schuckers, a professor at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

North Country economy: start-ups and data hub?
North Country Public Radio | 11-12-2013

Local Tech Company Detects Fake Fingerprints
WWNY TV 7 | 11-11-2013

Potsdam's Clarkson University unveils economic development plan to revitalize North Country
North Country Now | 11-11-2013

Struggles of female warrior in Potsdam-made feature film
North Country Public Radio | 11-11-2013

Clarkson U. on 2014 Military Friendly Schools List
North Country Now | 11-10-2013

St. Lawrence County communities planning tributes on Veterans Day
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-10-2013

CenterState details economic plan at Clarkson
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-09-2013

New plan could transform North Country and CNY economy
CNY - YNN | 11-08-2013

C larkson professor’s focus turning to wood stove emissions
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-08-2013

Green concrete, resilient buildings in works at CU
NNY Business Magazine | 11-08-2013

A well-powered region for a brighter tomorrow
NNY Business Magazine | 11-08-2013

CenterState CEO announces regional economic plan
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-07-2013

12-county business plan to be unveiled at Clarkson presentation Friday
North Country Now | 11-06-2013

Where are we headed?
Watertown Daily Times | 11-05-2013

Microgrids become reality as Superstorm Sandy's anniversary nears
International District Energy Association | 11-04-2013

Clarkson professor’s work on display at exhibition in South Korea
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-04-2013

Clarkson PhD duo recognized for underwater laser detection and ranging research
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 11-04-2013

Clarkson University speaker says physics still matters
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-03-2013

Clarkson receives approval for more online degree programs
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 11-01-2013

Replanting the STEM
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 10-30-2013

Researchers Isolate Blackhole Exploit Kit Symptoms, Pinpoint Infected Twitter Accounts
PC Magazine | 10-25-2013

Fingering frauds
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 10-25-2013

Clarkson Students Talk Trash
WWNY TV 7 | 10-24-2013

Clarkson University students sort through trash outside
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 10-24-2013

Clarkson dedicates bench in memory of James R. Spencer
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-23-2013

Clarkson students encourage recycling efforts
CNY - YNN | 10-23-2013

Clarkson professor launching new book. “Sexual Diversity in Africa”
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-23-2013

The Best and Worst Colleges for Meeting Men
Cosmopolitan | 10-22-2013

Clarkson professor recently receives Forest R. McFarland Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers
North Country Now | 10-22-2013

Potsdam fake finger detection company awaits big business after iPhone hacking
Watertown Daily Times | 10-22-2013

Clarkson University in N.Y. incorporates local food on campus
Big News | 10-22-2013

Potsdam Farmers' Market moves to Clarkson's Cheel Campus Center for winter starting Nov. 2
North Country Now | 10-21-2013

Clarkson Searching For Energy Sustainability
WWNY TV 7 | 10-21-2013

Walsh Scholarship, named for late Massena woman, awarded to Clarkson student
North Country Now | 10-20-2013

Farmers market sets winter hours at Clarkson after year of explosive growth
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 10-20-2013

North Country marks bioenergy day (AP) | 10-19-2013

Potsdam Farmers Market moving to Clarkson campus for winter months
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-18-2013

National Bioenergy Day spurs 25 events in U.S., Canada
Biomass Magazine | 10-17-2013

University Research Could Lead to Faster Use of Crime Scene Evidence
Lab Manager Magazine® | 10-15-2013

Students to dig through trash as part of National Bioenergy Day in Potsdam
North Country Now | 10-14-2013

Clarkson University 'CSI': research yields new quicker way to analyze blood samples
North Country Now | 10-13-2013

Higher ed, tourism important drivers for St. Lawrence Co.
NNY Business Magazine | 10-11-2013

A local investment
NNY Business Magazine | 10-11-2013

Business Briefcase - Oct. 2013
NNY Business Magazine | 10-11-2013

Small Biz Startup: The Hop
NNY Business Magazine | 10-11-2013

Magazine: Clarkson U Is Great Place To Meet Single Guys
WWNY TV 7 | 10-11-2013

Sourcing success at Clarkson University
Food Service Director | 10-10-2013
Two years ago, when the dining services team at Clarkson University, in upstate Potsdam, N.Y., began integrating locally sourced foods into campus menus,

Clarkson hosting National Bioenergy Day
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-08-2013

Clarkson forum addresses economic development in north country
Watertown Daily Times | 10-08-2013

Forum highlights colleges' impact on local economy
CNY - YNN | 10-07-2013

Clarkson research could add tools to crime scene investigations
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-07-2013

Finding Could Lead to Faster Use of Crime Scene Evidence
e! Science News | 10-07-2013

New reusable 'to-go' containers could save Clarkson University 15,000 boxes a year
North Country Now | 10-05-2013

Clarkson lauches reusable to-go containers at campus dining halls
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 10-04-2013

Alcoa partnering with Clarkson University for research in 'smart manufacturing'
North Country Now | 10-04-2013

Clarkson team to review state wetland restoration projects
CNY - YNN | 10-02-2013

Clarkson University to host National Manufacturing Day forum Oct. 4
North Country Now | 10-02-2013

A mystery at the bottom of the Great Lakes food web
Michigan Radio | 10-02-2013
Michael Twiss is leaning over the edge of his research boat, his face just a couple inches from the water's surface.

Working the Ratio
Cosmopolitan | 10-02-2013

USA Luge set to christen 2013-2014 Lake Placid sliding season with first runs
Noodls | 09-30-2013

Clarkson University's Clarkson School has largest class in over 15 years
North Country Now | 09-30-2013

Colleges as drivers of economy is topic of Potsdam meeting Oct. 7 hosted by Clarkson U.
North Country Now | 09-28-2013

Clarkson doctotate student travels to Nebraska to present research
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-27-2013

The Clarkson School welcomes largest class in 15 years
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-27-2013

Clarkson University research team receives $390,000 for NNY wetlands restoration study
North Country Now | 09-27-2013

NNY to Celebrate First-Ever National Bioenergy Day Oct. 17
USAgNet | 09-27-2013

Clarkson applies for Innovation Hot Spot grant
Watertown Daily Times (AP) | 09-27-2013

Clarkson researchers received grant to study wetland restoration impacts
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-26-2013

North Country Regional Economic Development Council nominates Clarkson University as a state development 'innovation hot spot'
North Country Now | 09-26-2013

REDC names priority projects, seeks further funding
North Country Public Radio | 09-25-2013

North Country Economic Development Council unveils 21 priority projects forwarded to state
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-24-2013

Alcoa provides funding for Smart Manufacturing Fellowship at Clarkson
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-24-2013

USA: UAV to Help Determine Location for OWF
Offshore Wind | 09-24-2013

North Country development council asks state to look into Potsdam, Canton bypasses; sets priorities for 2013 state aid competition
North Country Now | 09-20-2013

Cuomo invests in early college high schools
New York State School Boards Association | 09-20-2013

Clarkson University' Golden Eagle UAV Takes Flight to Record Wind Speed and Direction
AZoRobotics | 09-20-2013

Clarkson University's Entrepreneurship Program ranks among top in nation
North Country Now | 09-20-2013

Clarkson job fair draws record number of companies
North Country Now | 09-19-2013

Norwood mystery plant likely another species of milfoil
Watertown Daily Times | 09-19-2013

Say Yes to Education and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Announce 11 New College and University Partners Committed to Tuition Aid for Urban Students
EIN Presswire | 09-18-2013

North Country receives sustainability planning award
North Country Now | 09-18-2013

Record number of companies coming to Clarkson career fair
Daily Courier-Observer (AP) | 09-18-2013

Lake Erie: Warmest in summer, coldest in winter
Phys.Org | 09-17-2013

Clarkson hosts mountain bike races at Seven Springs in Colton
Watertown Daily Times | 09-16-2013

Lake Erie: Warmest in Summer, Coldest in Winter
New York Coastlines | 08-26-2013
When it's 20 below, Dr. Michael Twiss, professor at Clarkson University, has been known to clear the snow and lie down on the thick ice of a frozen lake and stare up at the Northern Lights.

Wind Blade Test Facility Opens at Clarkson University
Windpower Engineering Newsletter | 08-19-2013
The Center for Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology CECET and NYSERDA joined Clarkson University in announcing the grand opening of a new Blade Test Facility

Clarkson Business School to study bass tourney's economic impact
Watertown Daily Times | 08-04-2013
The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Clarkson School of Business to determine what impact the upcoming Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament will have on ... economy.

Researcher studies indoor air particles and their movement
National Science Foundation | 06-13-2013
Most people worry about the quality of the air they breathe outdoors, while giving little thought to the contaminants that may be circulating in their own homes.

Teens Exchange Business Equity for Tuition
Knowledge@Wharton High School | 05-29-2013
In the past few years, the university has launched an innovative solution to helping aspiring teen entrepreneurs afford higher education and grow their businesses.

Clarkson professor awarded Fulbright Scholar grant
Daily Courier-Observer | 04-12-2013
Researching corporate scandals will be the focus of a visit by Clarkson University Associate Professor of Finance Allan A. Zebedee to London this fall.

Students pitch new business proposals
YNN | 03-29-2013
The North Country Regional Business Plan Competition was held at Clarkson with 35 teams competing for start-up money.

Alcoa Foundation supporting Clarkson U. recycling effort
North Country Now | 03-28-2013
The Alcoa Foundation has teamed up with "Keep America Beautiful" and the College & University Recycling Coalition to provide 40 recycling bins to Clarkson University.

North Country high school, university students advance to championship round of robotics competition
Northeast Public Radio | 03-17-2013
Imagine this; two teams of three robots each are pitted against each other in an area to fling projectiles and climb to the top of a steel pyramid.

At 20, entrepreneur, business owner, and on the Governor's radar
NCPR | 02-26-2013
Turcotte was the first student to enter Clarkson's Young Entrepreneurs Program, where he's studying innovation and entrepreneurship, and has his tuition covered in full.

Clarkson students in CNY for fingerprint sampling
WKTV TV | 02-22-2013
Students from Clarkson University were at Sangertown Square Mall on Friday to collect fingerprint samples for research.

Interview With Innovative Delivery Systems Co-Founder Chris Behrens
Pruvology | 01-31-2013
Chris Behrens, 19, from Potsdam, New York, has a great company with his partners called Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS).

Reaffirming Your Core Values Helps You Perform Better
Harvard Business Review | 01-30-2013
People who thought deeply about their most important personal values committed 44% fewer errors in a button-pushing task than others, says a team led by Lisa Legault of Clarkson University.

No Link Between HR Technology and Strategic Gain, Say Researchers
Human Resource Executive | 01-25-2013
"We weren't really seeing what you would expect to see had there been a tight link between technology and strategic HR," says Sandra Fisher, ...Clarkson University

Fiscal cliff deal brings good news for wind industry
NCPR | 01-04-2013
Stephen Bird teaches energy policy at Clarkson University. He said the new tax credit likely means that wind development in the North Country will continue.

Therapy dog de-stresses students during finals week at Clarkson University
North Country This Week | 12-12-2012
Students studying for finals can use a little therapy from a good dog, too. For example, Eli Greenwald had just finished a physics exam Monday morning; a Tuesday calculus exam was just around the corner. Petting a golden retriever dog in the Clarkson University library was just what Greenwald, a freshman aeronautical engineering major from Manhattan, needed to escape from finals week stress.

Retriever is golden as a stress reliever for Clarkson students
Watertown Daily Times | 12-12-2012
Clarkson University students got a break from the frenzied frustration of flashcards, outlines and essay writing by visiting a ...

BC's York Values Team Success Over Career Victories Record
WBUR's Only A Game (NPR) | 12-08-2012
But after taking his first head coaching job at Clarkson University in 1972, he wasn't sure he'd make a career of it.

That Won't Do the Job
The Guardian | 12-03-2012
According to U.S. News & World Report, three of the schools within New York's Clarkson University require "professional experience" for graduation. As a result, 86 percent of seniors who recently

Islanders' Mystery Draft Pick Is Not Giving Up
New York Times | 12-01-2012
... He was picked by the Islanders in 2010 despite playing only 20 minutes in goal in his freshman season at Clarkson University.

Expiring tax credits blow ill wind
North Country Public Radio | 11-20-2012
"Typically we've seen up to an 80 percent reduction in wind development when the PTC has been dropped," explained Professor Stephen Bird, who teaches energy policy at Clarkson University.

IBM grant recognizes Clarkson 'smart grid' researcher
Innovation Trail | 11-19-2012
At Clarkson University, the highly regarded science and engineering school in St. Lawrence County, a professor working on smart energy grid systems was just awarded a grant by IBM.

The enzyme-powered watch, and other battery innovations
Innovation Trail | 11-18-2012
This week, the New York Battery and Energy Storage (NY-BEST) technology consortium brought industry leaders and businesses together to discuss innovation in the field.

Great Lakes legacy contaminants decreasing, but newer ones on the rise
Environmental Health News | 11-08-2012
Legacy contaminants are decreasing more quickly than previously reported in three of the Great Lakes, but have stayed virtually the same in two other lakes, according to new research.

Clarkson to celebrate sustainability, local food Oct. 17-27
North Country Now | 10-19-2012
Clarkson University will hold a ten day celebration to promote and celebrate campus sustainability and the North Country's abundant and healthy food resources.

Craig Conroy's number seven jersey to be retired at Clarkson University
Calgary Flames | 10-19-2012
Calgary, AB - Clarkson University Men's Hockey Team will retire Craig Conroy's jersey number seven this weekend at Cheel Arena in Potsdam, NY.

Found by a Rocket...
Thousand Islands Magazine | 09-13-2012
No I'm not talking about making a new dive site by sinking a ship with a rocket. I am talking about a lost shipwreck that was found by a rocket.

Children's Museum launching Saturday enrichment programs in Potsdam
Daily Courier-Observer | 09-12-2012
The North Country Children's Museum is featuring a series of Saturday afternoon enrichment programs at Clarkson's University Bookstore throughout the year through the museum's "Museum Without Walls."

On this Sept. 11, the nation grieves a bit more quietly
San Jose Mercury News | 09-11-2012
At tiny Clarkson University in upstate New York, students and faculty have an intense connection to the tragedy. Four of the school's alumni were in the twin towers that day,

Egon Matijevic Honored at Symposium
NNY Business | 09-09-2012
Clarkson University's Egon Matijevic, the university's Victor K. LaMer Professor of Colloid and Surface Science and Distinguished University Professor, was honored in August ...

The Upstate of the Arts
Central New York Magazine | 09-04-2012
Clarkson University Professor and Digital Artist Bang-Geul Han

Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing Sponsors 17th Annual International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization
Solid State Technology | 08-28-2012
Researchers from several high technology companies, suppliers and universities from the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, and Belgium gathered in Lake Placid earlier in August for the 17th International Symposium on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP), sponsored by Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP).

Clarkson Ranks High In National Publication
WWNY TV 7 | 08-23-2012
Clarkson University in Potsdam continues to make the grade as one of the best schools in the nation for an undergraduate education.

Credit card surcharges? No way, poll says | 08-21-2012
Nearly two in three Americans say they would stop using their credit cards if retailers start tacking on extra fees for paying with plastic, according to a new poll.

In Potsdam, Sen. Gillibrand announces "Innovation Bank"
NCPR | 08-20-2012
New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced new federal legislation meant to spur science and technology job growth, while visiting Clarkson University in Potsdam on Friday ...

Lifesaving Innovations by High School Student Paul Hyman
Michelle Writes | 08-09-2012
Paul Hyman is a perfect example of how and why teens should never limit themselves.

Captivating Caralyn
PLUS Model Magazine | 08-01-2012
You've seen this bright-eyed beauty on, Sydney's Closet and as a finalist in Tyra Banks' Fiercely Real Modal Search. Caralyn Mirand is focused ...

MT @OBRIEN_GERE: It's time to introduce another one of our f... | 07-25-2012
MT @OBRIEN_GERE: It's time to introduce another one of our fantastic co-ops. Meet Stephen Maxwell from @ClarksonUniv!

Local Events Promote Raquette River Awareness Week | 07-25-2012
This year the Raquette River Blueway Corridor's Advisory Committee will be hosting several events throughout the corridor during Raquette River Awareness Week (Saturday, July 28th through Saturday, August 4th) to highlight the assets the Raquette River ha...

The First Teen Idol That's An Inventor, Not A Rock Star
InventorSpot | 07-24-2012
His name is Paul Hyman. He's from Ft. Washington, NY, he's a volunteer firefighter, and he begins Clarkson University this fall on a 4-year scholarship he won for his inventiveness.

'River U.' sets course
Poughkeepsie Journal | 07-19-2012
The program is a collaboration between the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, its parent organization Clarkson University and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

Clarkson President Tony Collins Says Community Pulled Together in Wake of Storm
WWNY TV 7 (CBS) / Fox 28 | 07-18-2012
As usual, Clarkson University officials paid attention to severe thunderstorm warnings and prepared the campus just in case. This time, their precautions were warranted.

Alexandra Cousteau Carries on Grandfather's Water-Explorer Legacy
WWNY TV 7 (CBS) | 07-14-2012
Alexandra Cousteau is passionate about water. She was in the north country over the weekend as a keynote speaker for Clarkson University's alumni reunion.