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Clarkson University To Host World's First Nearlink Mission

Clarkson University will be the site of the world's first "NEARLink Mission," slated for Wednesday, November 18. Dr. Dana M Barry, who serves as the University's Space Grant Program Administrator, is organizing the mission.

NEARLink is an education program sponsored by Space Explorers Inc. and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. It involves three phases: topics and curricula for teachers and students of grades K-12, a NEARLink mission and simulations, and data analysis from all over the asteroid Eros, using data obtained by the NEAR spacecraft. This phase allows students to discover science on their own.

NEARLink supports the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Mission. NEAR, the first launch of NASA's Discovery Program, will be the first spacecraft to orbit an asteroid. The spacecraft will arrive at the asteroid Eros in January 1999 to begin collecting data, which will be made available to Clarkson's Mission teams. Clarkson's November Mission will include contact with a mission controller, simulations of a spacecraft launch and a soft land on the asteroid Eros, and data from the asteroid Mathilde.

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