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Laurel Kuxhaus

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Laurel Kuxhaus
Associate Professor
CAMP Annex 2205
Clarkson University
PO Box 5725
Potsdam, NY  13699-5725
Phone: 315-268-6602
Fax: 315-268-6695
Research site:
Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background
Ph.D., Univeristy of Pittsburgh (2008)
M.S., Cornell University (2003)
B.S.,  Michigan State University (2001)

ES/ME 380 - Biomechanics
ES 220 - Statics
ES 223 - Rigid Body Dynamics

Research Interests
Dr. Kuxhaus's research in the broad field of orthopaedic biomechanics focuses on the upper extremity with particular emphasis on the elbow.  Her research includes both experiments and theoretical models using the principles of solid mechanics to investigate how upper extremity function is altered with impairments such as disease or injury.  Current work includes studying the strain behavior of the medial ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow using optical measuring techniques.  This has an immediate application to the clinical reconstruction of the ligament following injury in throwing athletes.  Additional projects investigating elbow stiffness and the microarchitecture of vertebral bone are underway.  Past work has included measurements and models of thumb force production capabilities in impaired and unimpaired individuals, quantification of ankle proprioception, and a comparison of the performance of two different hip implant designs.

Selected Publications


  1. L. Kuxhaus, P.J. Schimoler, J.S. Vipperman, M.E. Baratz, M.C. Miller, "Effects of Camera Switching on Fine Accuracy in a Motion Capture System,"  ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering,  131(1), 014502:1-6 (2009).
  2. S. Conti D. Dazen,  G. Stewart, A. Green, R. Martin, L. Kuxhaus and M.C. Miller, "Proprioception after total ankle arthroplasty,"  Foot and Ankle International, 29(11), 1069-1073 (2008).
  3. M. Espiritu, L. Kuxhaus, R.A. Kaufman, Z.M. Li and R.J. Goitz,  "Quantifying the effects of distal intrinsic release on digits' proximal-interphalangeal joint flexion," Journal of Hand Surgery 30A(5), 1032-1038 (2005).
  4. L. Kuxhaus, F.J. Valero-Cuevas and S.S. Roach,  "Quantifying deficits in the 3D force capabilities of a digit caused by selective paralysis: Application to the thumb with simulated low ulnar nerve palsy," Journal of Biomechanics, 38(4), 725-736 (2005).
  5. Z.M. Li, J.A. Fisk,  L. Kuxhaus and T.H. Christophel, "Coupling between wrist flexion-extension and radial-ulnar deviation," Clinical Biomechanics, 20(2), 177-183 (2004).

    Conference Papers:
  6. P.J. Schimoler, J.S. Vipperman, L. Kuxhaus, A.M. Flamm,  D. Budny, M.E. Baratz and M.D. Miller,   "Control System for an ebow Joint Motion Simulator,"  IMECE 2007.
  7. L. Kuxhaus and M.J. Grimmer,   "A Purge Solenoid Structure-borne Noise Model,"  2001 Noise and Vibration Proceedings, SAE (2001).

    Abstracts: (*=podium presentation;
    #=poster presentation)
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