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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clarkson is a member of several networks that allow library staff to identify and borrow books, journals, articles, and reports for students and faculty*. Most items can be obtained at no charge from libraries with which Clarkson has reciprocal borrowing privileges. Materials can often be obtained more quickly if an account number is provided. In this case, any charges the lending library may levy for photocopying and handling are passed to you.

*Dissertations and theses are a separate category. Please ask for help when requesting them.

The ILL Process | ILL Requirements | ILLiad Logon


Patron's requesting items using ILLiad should:

  1. Logon to ILLiad
  2. Specify Material
  3. Complete and Verify All Information

Questions Concerning the Process

Q. How does copyright effect my request?

A. The copyright guidelines allow a library to request 5 articles published within the last 5 years from a journal title within a one year period.  We have exceeded our limit for this title for the current year.  Please provide an account number to pay the copyright fee or you may resubmit the request next year.

Q. Where do you find the materials?

A. After you submit your request, we search a database called OCLC to see which college libraries or institutions hold that particular title or material. After finding the results, we electronically send a request for the material, whether you need photocopies, or need to borrow the book itself.

Q. What is the process?

A. Last year, ILL processed more than 6000 requests. Each request requires preparation, database searches, and locating a lender of the material being requested.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Due to differing lender policies, availability of materials, postal services, college holidays, and other conditions, the time of receipt of materials differs. It all depends on institutional policies. Generally, photocopied articles are faster as they are sent as PDFs or fax, while books require packaging and shipping time with carriers such as UPS.

Q. Will this cost me anything?

A. We make every effort to find a library that will supply materials for free. If there is a charge, we will notify you, with the amount of the charges and ask if you are willing to pay. The charges vary depending on the lending library and the materials requested.

Q. May I renew materials?

A. You can request a renewal for your Interlibrary Loan books through the ILLiad system. Check your ILLiad account to see if your material was renewed.

Please see ILLiad/FAQ for instructions.



Source of Reference: Where did you find this item cited?

Specify Materials:

Depending on the type of material requested, patrons should include the following information needed for each type of material.

  1. Book/Thesis/Dissertation
    • author(s)
    • title
    • place
    • publisher
    • date
  2. Journal
    • journal title
    • volume
    • issue
    • pages
    • date
    • author(s) of paper
    • paper title
  3. Conference/Symposium/Proceeding Papers
    • meeting name
    • place held
    • date held
    • place
    • publisher
    • date of publication
    • paper title
    • volume
    • pages or page number
  4. Report (technical/government)
    • agency name
    • report number
    • date of report
    • author(s) of report
    • report title
  5. Patent
    • country of patent
    • patent number
    • date of patent
    • author(s)/inventor(s)
    • patent title