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Social Security Information

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Only students who have University sponsored employment – tuition assistantship (if work is required in exchange for tuition) – or who have obtained an on campus job will be eligible to apply for a Social Security Number. You will need to obtain a letter from the office sponsoring your stipend or on campus job. Applications will not be accepted by the Social Security Office, unless you have a letter from the International Student Advisor stating your eligibility to apply for a Social Security number and the letter from your ‘employer’.

The United States government requires that all persons who will be working obtain a Social Security Number from the Social Security Administration it is illegal to work and receive pay without obtaining this card!

What is a social security number? A social security number grants you permission to be paid by an employer – in your case – it allows you to be paid by Clarkson University.

A social security number (SSN) is not required to open bank accounts – sign leases – obtain a cell phone or receive a driver’s license.

The average time to receive a social security card is two weeks – please be sure to have a valid ‘mailing address’ on your social security application. Please note – you cannot apply more than 30 days prior to the start date of employment AND your status must be ‘active’ with SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System).

What do you do if you are not eligible for a SSN? Persons asking for this number may not understand your ‘ineligibility’ for a social security number – in these cases you will obtain a ‘Letter of Ineligibility’ from the Social Security Administration. This is a standard form letter that you will show in addition to your current status documents.