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So - what's next? You need to apply for a visa to enter the United States in J1 exchange visitor status. By now the International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) is processing your 'Certificate of Eligbility for J1 Exchange Visitor Status' or Form DS-2019. This form is absolutely necessary to apply for your visa to enter the United States - which is your entry permit issued by the U.S. Department of State and stamped in your passport. This visa stamp and your 'Certificate of Eligibility' (DS-2019) will allow you to apply for entry to the United States in J1 student status. 

Remember - your visa alone does not guarantee entry into the U.S. You must show all documents, including:

  • A endorsed DS-2019 from Clarkson University
  • A valid visa
  • A valid passport, and
  • Proof of SEVIS fee payment

It is strongly recommended that you apply for your visa well in advance of th date you would like to depart - your actual visa appointment can be made 120 days prior to your planned arrival date in the U.S.

Please be aware of your 'arrive by' date as noted on your DS-2019 to participate in exchange activities. You must arrive no later than 30 days after this date - please contact the ISSO if there are delays to your program start so that your program can be amended. This will ensure your SEVIS recorc remains valid.

Following are the general documents you will need to apply for your J1 student visa, however - you should review your embassy or consulate website for specific instructions. More information can be found by viewing the Bureau of Consular Affairs website.

General Documents - 

  • Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility) signed by you and the Clarkson University Official
  • Form DS-160 - (nonimmigrant visa application)
  • A valid passport for travel with validity at least six months into the future
  • One (1) 2x2 photgraph (see specific photo requirements on your embassy or consulate website)
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Visa issuance fee (if applicable)
  • SEVIS fee receipt

Special note for Canadian Citizens - You will not need to apply for a visa - instead - you will apply for entrance to the U.S. as a exchange visitor at the border. A U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officer will inspect your documents and process your entry for F1 student status. 

Please be sure to carry ALL of the following documents when crossing the border - 

  • Your DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility)
  • Your Passport - this must be valid at least 6 months into the future
  • Your letter of invitation  to Clarkson University
  • Proof of SEVIS fee payment - this must  be paid prior to arriving at the border!
  • Proof of fianncial support that corresponds to the information provided on your DS-2019.

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